How much is Keke Wyatt worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:March 10, 1982
Country:United States of America
1.7 m

“People act like I’m the one that was the abuser and I’m the one that was doing the domestic violence. No, I was the one being abused and had to get myself out of the situation.” — Keke Wyatt to regarding her 2001 domestic assault arrest.

Who Is Keke Wyatt

Ketara Wyatt, who goes by the nickname Keke, was raised in Indianapolis as the daughter of African-American singer-musician Keever Wyatt II and his wife Lorna, a Caucasian vocalist. With two parents who were involved in the music industry, Keke grew up loving R&B; and Gospel music. When she displayed a knack for singing at the age of 2, her parents encouraged her to develop her talents.

She first performed live at the age of 5, and her first recorded work came at the age of 10 when she recorded a song for a local Gospel music compilation.

American R&B singer and television personality Keke Wyatt has a net worth of $5 million dollars, as of 2020.

Real name: Ketara Shavon Wyatt. Born: March 10, 1982 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Raised in the Indianapolis area.

Early Career

Throughout her adolescence and teens, she continued to develop her singing and songwriting talents locally and recorded a number of Gospel demo tapes as a protégé of producer Steve Huff. When she was 18, she recorded a remake of the 1983 song “My First Love” with R&B; singer Avant. Two years later, the song was included on Avant’s debut album, My Thoughts, which was released in 2000. Based partially on the success of “My First Love” as a single, Keke received her first solo record deal, with MCA Records and her debut album, Soul Sista, was released in November 2001.

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Domestic Disturbance

Soul Sista eventually went gold in the U.S., selling over half a million copies, in part due to the success of its second single, “Nothing in This World,” another duet with Avant, as well as a personal incident that occurred on Christmas Day 2001 when Keke attacked her manager-husband, Rahmat Morton, while at their home in Kentucky. Police responding to a domestic violence call found Morton with stab wounds on his chest, arms and hands. University of Louisville Hospital doctors had to remove part of a steak knife from his back. The charges were eventually dropped, but couple wound up divorcing several years later.

Record Label Drama

Despite global sales of over a million copies, Keke and MCA Records parted ways after her first album. She wound up signing with hip-hop label Cash Money Records in 2004 and released a single in 2005, but the planned album, Emotional Rollercoaster was shelved, and she left Cash Money in 2006. Later that year, she signed with TVT Records, but the label filed for bankruptcy in February 2008 and her album, Ghetto Rose, was never released. She eventually got her career back on track by signing with Shanachie Records, which to date has released two albums by her, 2010’s Who Knew and 2011’s Unbelievable!.

‘Who Knew?’

Even several years after the fact, the one thing that R&B; singer Ketara “KeKe” Wyatt is still best known for is stabbing her then-husband with a paring knife on Christmas Day in 2002. And unfortunately for her, her latest project, Who Knew? isn’t likely to make people forget about that incident and/or focus more on her music. Who Knew? is by no means a bad album, and KeKe handles herself with class throughout. But unfortunately there’s a lot of formulaic, cliche-ridden material here, and KeKe seems to have made a conscious decision to play it safe. So safe that most of the album’s songs are boring.

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Overly Glossy

Although KeKe deserves props for making an album that’s essentially safe for the whole family to listen to – something that’s too rare for an R&B; album by a singer under 30 these days – this particular album is short on thrilling moments and is loaded with bland, generic material. The entire first half of the album, including the title track, are over-produced, forgettable tunes lacking in any real depth and carry about as emotion as a blank wall.

But a funny thing happens starting with the seventh track; the album kicks in gear and begins to shine. “Peace on Earth” is a beautifully spiritual song about improving oneself in order to better the world: “Where does this peace on Earth begin if not in the home?,” she sings. “There’s too much talk about it and too many walk without it, tell me where is the love?” Two other very good songs are and “Got Me One (Good Man),” a feel-good ode to fellas who treat their ladies right; and “Never Give Up” a well-sung G-rated song about intimacy. KeKe even manages to show off her vocal firepower on the swagger-ific “Getting It.”

If all 10 songs on Who Knew? were as entertaining as the final four, then this would likely be a four-star release. Or even if the track order had been reversed, this album likely would be more entertaining to listen to from beginning to end. But unfortunately, priority is given to overly glossy but inferior tracks like “Daydreaming” and the title song. If KeKe had been allowed unleash her vocal chords more often instead of having them mixed down, Who Knew? likely would have been more enjoyable.

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