How much is Keith Anderson worth?

Net Worth:$25 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:January 12, 1968
Country:United States of America
1.85 m

Who Is Keith Anderson

Keith Anderson was born on January 12, 1968, in Miami (pronounced Mi-ah-ma), Oklahoma. Keith was drafted by the Kansas City Royals, but a shoulder injury ended his pursuit of a career in baseball.

American country music artist Keith Anderson has a net worth of $25 million dollars, as of 2020. Anderson was one of several co-writers on “Beer Run”, a duet by Garth Brooks and George Jones.

Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll

This personality-packed album has everything on it that is country and rock n roll. I am totally enjoying this album, and with the energy this guy has, I’m looking forward to seeing him in concert sometime soon.

As Keith’s first single “Pickin’ Wildflowers” takes off on charts, climbing up with a video and all, this boy is on his way. How can you lose when you have one of the best writers on board? Jeffrey Steele, produced all but one track on this album along with co-writing credits on four of them. When I listened to this album for the very first time, I went straight to the song “Podunk.” I have said that for years and so has my Mom. It’s about getting out of a sleepy ol’ town and eventually after being away, wanting to return back home to that little ol’ “Podunk” town. They are the best places to live. I live in one myself now.

The opening to the song “Three Chord Country and American Rock & Roll,” starts with a fiddle playing and since I love fiddles, it captured me right off the bat. John Rich co-wrote this song with Keith and when heard it for the first time it seemed like I had heard before, but maybe it’s because of the Big & Rich influence in it. I like when other artists show their appreciation to others artists in their songs by mentioning their names. He does it a couple time in this one.

Once I heard the whole album a couple of times I really couldn’t pick an absolute favorite. He does so well on all of them. I really like the growl he does at the beginning of songs, and his voice is something I think is needed in Country music today.

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Keith Anderson In Concert

Keith Anderson headlined at the Win-River Casino in Redding, CA on January 15, 2006. Opening the show was Kevin Marcy, of the Marcy Brothers. I guess they’re mostly local, although they did have a couple albums out in the late 80s. Really liked his voice. He says he’s a fireman now. He got a great response from the sold out crowd, and my friend Dianne said “Keith’s going to have to work hard to get the audience even more fired up than they were for Kevin,” who received an ovation and came back once more for a few more songs.

There was about a 15 minute break between Kevin’s set and Keith’s set. When the intro music for Keith started playing, the crowd started getting into it and everyone was glued to the stage, hoping for a glimpse of Keith. First the band took their places to happy applause, and finally Keith joined them, starting the night with “Podunk.”

Dianne and I had the second table from the stage and were really close. While the tickets said no cameras, we weren’t searched coming in, and we took a couple pics and then put our cameras away when they came and told us no cameras. I was bummed as I was so close and was really looking forward to getting some good shots, but figured, well, I have a couple pics between Dianne and myself, so while not a lot, it was something.

Another album cut was next, with “Plan B.” Next, Keith went into his description of his big family, saying his father had 13 brothers and sisters and mother had 7 brothers and sisters and they’re all really big people. Many of them over 350 lbs and he even has some aunts that are 400 lbs, so he described his family get togethers as “a lot of polyester and muumuus.” He talked about when he wrote the next song, it was just after 9-11 and that back then, the guys that were the biggest heroes were the big, hunky firefighters and policeman that rescued the people in New York. He and his writing partner, Bob DiPiero wanted to write a song about the big guys, and that is where “XXL” came from.

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Keith told another story of having moved to Nashville, and becoming friends with George Ducas, and they had written some songs together back then, and were told that someone wanted to record this one particular song. Keith and George said, “Great!” only to be told, “but.. they want to change the lyrics, the rhythm and the melody.” Keith said, “being a songwriter, all you have is your lyrics and rhythm and melody, and so we stood on our integrity, and said to the guy, ‘If these people want to record our song, they’ll record it as we wrote it, ‘cuz we know it’s a big hit, and that’s that.'” The guy told them, “Well, the guy is Garth Brooks.” Keith then says, “Oh.. well, you know there were some things about that song we wanted to change.” So, they rewrite the song and get it all together and present it again, and the guy comes back and says, “They love the song, but they’d like to change the title.” Keith’s a little peeved, since the title is all he had left from the original. Then, the guy adds, “and the song is going to be a duet with the great George Jones.” Keith says, “Oh, there was some things about that title that we really thought we could change.” Everyone is laughing so hard at this story. So, Keith says… It’s called “Beer Run (B-double E-double Are You In?),” and they proceeded to sing the first verse and chorus, but then stop and Keith says, “You know, I think we’re cheating these people by not letting them hear how the song was originally supposed to be. You guys wanna hear the original version?” Of course, everyone screams “Yes,” and so they play that version. And, I really don’t see what was wrong with the original. I really liked it too.

One of my favorite moments was hearing Keith sing his new single, “Everytime I Hear Your Name.” That is my absolute favorite song on his album. I had seen him twice before, once at the CMA Music Festival and once Opening for Rascal Flatts last October. Neither of those shows had him on for more than maybe 5 songs at the most, so I had never heard him sing much more than his singles. The song was killer. Not as polished as the album version, of course, as it’s live, but it was wonderful.

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Being that Keith was named one of Country’s hottest bachelors, he is one to attract a lot of attention of the young ladies, and this concert was a good showing of lots of young women. Towards the end of the show, some of these fans got together in a line and conga danced around in front of the stage and down the other side of the room. I don’t know that you’d call it really a conga line, but that’s how I could best describe it. The security guards were freaking out, but these girls were too much for them and when they came around for another pass by the front of the stage, they tried to stop them, but the girls would not be deterred, and some went around the tables and through a different path past the guard anyway, and then they all stood at the front of the stage for the last song. It was during this commotion that Dianne and I figured we’d try to sneak a few more pictures, which we did before the guards could get away from the stage and the crazy girls, one of which hopped up on the stage, and had to be escorted off.

This was a great show, and I’m so glad I got to go. Even if I didn’t get several hundred pictures. Keith is so charismatic, and I love his music. His album made my Top 10 Albums of 2005 list last year. Great stuff there.

Keith also sang one song not on his album. He said it was one he’s considering for his next album. It’s called “Sweet Alicia.” As fired up as the crowd was for Kevin Marcy, Keith had no problems getting everyone even more excited. This was a great show. Maybe not the longest show I’ve ever been to, but great fun.

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