Katie Couric Net Worth

How much is Katie Couric worth?

Net Worth:$100 Million
Profession:Professional TV Journalist
Date of Birth:January 7, 1957
Country:United States of America
1.54 m

Longtime co-host on The Today Show, a correspondent on 60 Minutes and the first solo female anchor of the CBS Evening News.

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Who Is Katie Couric

On one side of the spectrum, there’s Katie Couric the personality—buoyant, bubbly and cheerful, who successfully helmed The Today Show for 15 years. On the other side there’s Katie Couric the newswoman, who conducts hard-hitting interviews and has been the face of the CBS Evening News from 2005 until 2011. Whether bringing fire to morning shows or lighting up the evening news, Couric has been the whole package for her entire career.  

American television journalist Katie Couric, has a net worth close to $100 million dollars as of 2021.

Full Fledged Reporter

Katherine Anne Couric was born and raised in Arlington, Virginia, the youngest of four children. Her father, John, was a journalist and newspaper editor in Washington D.C., and Couric followed in his footsteps, first in several positions at the University of Virginia’s Cavalier Daily, and then as a desk assistant at the Washington bureau of ABC News. Nine months later, in 1980, she followed a colleague to Ted Turner’s then-fledgling Cable News Network, sensing a career opportunity.  

She was hired at CNN as an assignment editor, but with her infectious charm and wholesome good looks, soon found herself on the air. “I wasn’t a full-fledged reporter by any stretch,” she told the American Journalism Review. “At first, at CNN, the janitor could get on the air. They were often desperate for people to cover events.” It was short lived, though, as the then-president of CNN Reese Schoenfeld didn’t think she was ready and banned her from air.  

Queen Of Today

Couric left CNN to gain more experience at local channels. She worked in Miami and in Washington until 1989, when she was invited to be the Deputy Pentagon Correspondent for NBC News. She was the girl in the boys club, but her tenacity won her the respect of her peers and more than a couple scoops.  

In June of 1990, she became a correspondent for The Today Show. Couric was extremely popular on air and a rising star within NBC. She was tapped as a substitute co-host alongside Bryant Gumbel for Deborah Norville, who was on maternity leave. But the ratings and popular reception to Couric stuck, and by April 1991, she was promoted to co-host of The Today Show. Gumbel left the show in 1997 and was replaced by Matt Lauer—the pair would stay number one in the ratings for nine years.  

Bitter And Sweet

Couric married lawyer Jay Monahan in 1989 and the two had two daughters, Ellie and Carrie. But just nine years after their marriage, tragedy struck in the form of colon cancer. Monahan died in 1998 at age 42 after an eight-month battle with the disease. As a result, Couric has been a forerunner in raising awareness for colon cancer, even getting an on-air colonoscopy in 2000. Strange as that was, a study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine proved that it caused an increase in the number of screenings, and subsequently lives saved.

Couric remained America’s morning sweetheart until April 5, 2006—15 years to the day since she first became a host—when she announced that she would be leaving the cheerful and perky morning show to anchor the CBS Evening News with a record breaking $15 million/year salary. She met criticism there from both analysts and fans—many unready to see her be so serious—and the CBS newscast has remained last in the ratings of the big three networks’ nightly newscasts.  

Although she has proved again and again that she’s willing to ask the tough questions—most notably in the 2008 Presidential Campaign during her interview with Sarah Palin, which almost single handedly revealed Palin to be comically uninformed—her CBS ratings didn’t recovered. On April 3, 2011, Katie Couric announced that she was leaving her anchor position, going back to where she’s met the most success: as a bright and charming face of daytime television.  

Defining Quote “I can be a sore loser and an obnoxious winner.”

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