How much is Kate Moss worth?

Net Worth:$80 Million
Profession:Professional Model
Date of Birth:January 16, 1974
Country:United Kingdom
1.7 m

You’ve seen her stomping the catwalk from New York to Milan, as well as splashed across the pages of just about every tabloid magazine.

Who Is Kate Moss

A scandal could have ruined her, but doubled Kate Moss’s salary instead. The premier supermodel continues to defy and reshape the standards of the entire modeling industry. From pioneering heroin-chic to starting the world’s “Obsession” with Calvin Klein, Kate has been making waves—both good and bad—from the second she hit the catwalk.  

English model Kate Moss has a net worth of around $80 million dollars, as of 2020.

From One Kind Of Runway To Another

While most of us are still dreaming about being astronauts or cowgirls when we’re 14, for Kate Moss, a discovery in an airport gave her the makings of a supermodel career. Kate was waiting out a layover at New York’s JFK airport between a trip to the Bahamas and home, England, when a modeling scout caught a glimpse of the teenage beauty. From there, while still in high school, Kate landed an agent and started to gain experience with jobs for The Face magazine.  

But, at only 5’7” and sporting a waifish frame, Kate was an outcast in a modeling world dominated by the likes of tall, curvaceous beauties Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista. But not for long. When Kate was 18, she flew to the U.S. to attend a casting for Calvin Klein’s new campaign and landed the gig as soon as she walked in the door. The following year, the campaign hit magazines and billboards and got people talking about fashion’s newest face, who didn’t look a day over 13.  

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Skinny Success

But like every other reaction when something or someone new and different is thrown into the mix, Kate was met with much disapproval for her ultra-skinny frame and dark-circled eyes that appeared to promote anorexia and a drug-addled model lifestyle. Kate didn’t help her reputation when in 2004 she started dating Hollywood bad boy Johnny Depp. In September of that year, Depp infamously and unapologetically trashed an NYC hotel room after an argument with Kate and put the couple’s wild and rebellious relationship under the microscope. Their rollercoaster relationship finally ended in 1997.  

Even though she seemed so on the runways, Kate would prove that she was not invincible. In November of 1998, Kate entered rehab due to “exhaustion” brought on by non-stop work and after-hours “celebrations.” A couple months later, Kate was back on the runway and showing off a new curvier, healthier frame. She would need her new body in order to maintain a successful pregnancy a few years later. In September of 2002, Kate gave birth to her first child, Lila, with then-boyfriend, Dazed & Confused magazine’s co-founder Jefferson Hack.  

“Cokate” Caught Red Handed

But this trendsetter couldn’t keep the peace at home and in 2003 called it quits with Lila’s father. A little over a year later, at her 31st birthday party, Kate met bad boy rocker Pete Doherty of Babyshambles, and so began Kate’s dark, or should we say snow white, era.  

On September 15, 2005, a UK tabloid, The Daily Mirror, ran a cover photo of Kate snorting cocaine. The images were caught on a hidden video camera and soon Kate was forced to wear the scarlet label “Cokate.” The model immediately was dropped from her campaigns with H&M, Burberry, Chanel and H. Stern and reportedly gave up more than $4 million due to the scandal. But like a good girl, Kate tried to kiss and make up with her public by issuing a public apology before heading into rehab once again.  

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Ditching Rocker For Rocker

The born and bred model was out after three months and landed her first post-rehab gig with Roberto Cavalli. With new contracts in the works, Kate finally ended her tumultuous two-year relationship with the crack-addicted Doherty in 2007, and got back to business. Kate ended up ditching one rocker for another when she moved on with current fiancé Jamie Hince of The Kills. Kate and Jamie married in 2011 yet later divorced 2016, she was already in a relationship with Nikolai von Bismarck in 2015 and the couple remain together.

Designing A Comeback

With all excess baggage out of the way, Kate added “designer” to her resume with a collection for Topshop that sent every chic Brit into a tizzy trying to get their hands on a piece of the icon. And Kate proved that she was a catalyst of fashion and culture when in May of 2007 she was named among Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People. And most influential she was when, in 2008, a pure gold statue of Kate was made as part of one of The British Museum’s exhibitions.  

She has graced countless magazine covers, walked the runways from New York to Milan and has a twin cast in solid gold. This all from a girl was waiting out a tedious airport layover—we should all be so lucky to add an hour or two to our travel time.

Defining Quote “After five years, you get used to it, and you’re not self-conscious anymore. You’re not conscious about your flaws. Bowlegs. Crooked teeth. That is what makes you different from everyone else.”

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