How much is Kat Von D worth?

Net Worth:$20 Million
Profession:Professional Tattoo Artist
Date of Birth:March 8, 1982
1.76 m

You may have seen her showcasing her tattooing talents (and dramatic personal life) on TLC’s LA Ink.

Who Is Kat Von D

Ever since her relationship with Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband, Jesse James, hit the tabloids, Kat Von D has been thrust into the spotlight in a big way, and we have an inkling she isn’t going anywhere soon.  

Tattoo artist Kat Von D has a net worth ballparked at $20 million dollars, as of 2020.

Inking And Getting Inked

Born in Mexico to a German father and a Spanish-Italian mother before moving to California at the age of four, Kat was worldly to say the least. When she was only 14, Kat constructed a homemade tattooing tool and gave herself the first of many permanent pieces of art that she proudly displays all over her body. The first was a “J” in old English script on her ankle in memory of a past love. At 16, Kat ditched school to start work in a professional tattoo shop where she honed her craft.  

Moving on to a different shop, True Tattoo, Kat met husband, Oliver Peck, a fellow tattoo artist. It was also around that time that her work began to gain notoriety not only by ink aficionados but also by TLC execs who, in 2005, cast Kat in a reality show, Miami Ink—she was the only female working in the shop alongside renowned tattoo artists like Chris Garver and Darren Brass.

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Breaking Up And Moving On

But in 2007, Kat was dealing with two major break-ups. She divorced from Peck and verbal tiffs with castmates prompted Kat to leave Miami Ink and open up her own shop, High Voltage, in L.A. But where Kat went, TLC followed and gave the inking diva her own show, LA Ink, that documented the process of opening her own shop.  

But, forget the spats between Kat and ex-castmates, the real drama would begin when the cameras started rolling in L.A. Arguments with her staff, employees quitting or getting fired and high-profile relationships with Alex Orbison, Roy Orbison’s son, and Nikki Sixx of Mötley Crüe only added to the hectic mix.  

In the summer of 2010 Kat confirmed she was dating Sandra Bullock’s ex, Jesse James, only months after the Oscar winner and her Monster Garage hubby split. In January 2011, they confirmed that they were engaged. She’s got her bad-ass reputation down pat and, just like her choice of art, she isn’t afraid to shake things up.

Defining Quote “I get a lot of letters from jail. Like, ‘Hey, I have tattoos like you. We have a lot in common. Except I kill people.’ It’s awesome, I love it.”

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