Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Carl Froch – Who’d Win?

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Carl Froch is a contest that’s been muted for a while in the super middleweight division and for good reason, the clash of styles would surely lead to all out warfare in the ring!

I’ve always been a fan of the way both men fight once they step inside that squared circle. Froch is our stereotypical warrior, a guy who comes to fight every time and takes on all challengers. When

you look at his resume over the years it makes for fairly unbelievable reading when you see the caliber of opponents he’s stepped in there with. He’s basically taken on ten plus more world class guys on the spin starting off with Jean Pascal back in 2008 right the way up to his clinical knockout of George Groves this year in front of 80,000 screaming British fans at the Wembley Arena that will forever be remembered as a special night in the history of boxing.

Stylistically Froch doesn’t always do the right things, one could say if you were nit picking. He keeps his hands relatively low, doesn’t move his head much and comes forward in straight lines looking to engage. But at the same time that’s what I love about him! His incredible chin, heart and stamina make up for everything he lacks in technical skills at times. He seems like he’s got this undeniable will to succeed almost and as a fight goes on he actually gets stronger, particularly into the later rounds.

Chavez Jr is of a similar cloth to Froch on fight night, all be it perhaps not in his preparation which can leave a few eyebrows raised to say the least, but that’s not something we’ll go into today. When he gets in there he has a very similar style to Froch really when you look at him. A come forward orthodox slugger who does tend to get stronger as a contest progresses. He has shown his heart in the past too, particularly in the Martinez fight I thought where although he ultimately lost a decision, in the last round he really showed his courage when most would have nothing left in the tank he managed to throw the proverbial kitchen sink at Sergio Martinez knocking him down and almost forcing a dramatic stoppage in the dying moments of the bout. It’s a trait that’s unique to these type of battle hardened fighters where in the 12th and final round they are just as dangerous as they were in the first. You might recall Froch forced a dramatic final round stoppage a few years back when he took out Jermaine Taylor on American soil as an underdog. 

These guys for sure are not basic humans in any way, make no mistake about that. They are the type of fighters who in ancient times would have been gladiators pitting their wits and courage against one another for the us the public, the bayers of blood as it were. There is no doubt in my mind that if these two meet next year at some point that the resulting battle that will ensue could be something for the memory books in modern day boxing. For me I’d give Froch the edge on experience but while it lasts it could be something very, very special indeed.

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