Joseph Garrett Net Worth

How much is Joseph Garrett worth?

Net Worth:$14 Million
Profession:Professional YouTuber
Date of Birth:December 13, 1990
1.87 m

Who Is Joseph Garrett

YouTube vlogger Joseph Garrett is famous for his YouTube channel about Minecraft where he posts videos as “Stampy Cat” or now “stampylonghead”. With almost 10 million subscribers his Stampylonghead channel is one of the 10 most viewed in the world. He makes a fortune out of online advertisements.

As of 2021 his net worth is approximately £11 million pound ($14 million dollars).

Garrett uploads at least one video each day. His channel is made mostly for kids that love to play Minecraft. Through his advertising income Joseph Garrett started earning about £100,000 pounds per month in 2015, yet this has since increased and the Stampylonghead channel now makes millions of pounds per year. The best part, Garrett really enjoys it and works at home stress-free.

The creator Markus Persson made a fortune thanks to Minecraft, yet not only that, he set off such a massive trend that vlogggers like Garrett have earned millions per year just talking about the game. Some of Garrett’s videos are about other computer games, such as Terraria, but Minecraft continues to be his bread and butter.

Joseph Garrett originally worked at a bar. But when the income stream from his YouTube videos started to come in, he left his job and focused ONLY on making new content to put out on his channel. It’s proved to be the best decision he’s ever made and he quickly became a millionaire with his YouTube channel alone.

His friend David Spencer also appears in some of his videos, playing the character named iBallisticSquid.

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