Jonas Brothers Net Worth

How much are the Jonas Brothers worth?

Net Worth:$150 Million
Profession:Pop Band
Country:United States of America

They took over the Disney Channel with their poppy music before taking over the rest of the world with their bushy eyebrows and big hair.

Binge Worthy

Who Is Jonas Brothers

This wholesome threesome had tween girls all over the world absolutely smitten the instant they burst on the scene with their pop-rock and flowing hair. They crooned their way into hearts (and some nerves), stretching their influence beyond television and radio to come screaming at you in 3-D as a successful concert film. But before they had legions of pubescent girls putting a purity ring on it, they were just three brothers from New Jersey.  

Between the Jonas Brothers pop group, they have a combined net worth of $150 million dollars in 2020.

It’s A Family Affair

It was the youngest Jonas, Nick, who had dreams of showbiz. When he was seven, he started performing on Broadway in musicals like Annie Get Your Gun, Beauty and the Beast and Les Miserables. He wrote a Christmas song with his father when he was just nine that became a hit on Christian radio. Older brother Joe soon followed his lead, starring in Broadway’s La Boheme, and later the eldest Jonas, Kevin, joined forces with his brothers to start writing songs.  

It was initially Nick who landed a contract with Columbia Records in 2004, but when an executive heard a song he recorded with his brothers, they decided to sign them as a group in 2005. The brothers immediately went to work touring in support of artists like Kelly Clarkson, Jesse McCartney, the Backstreet Boys and the Cheetah Girls. They released several successful singles in late 2005/early 2006, recorded a song for DisneyMania 4 and provided the theme song for Disney’s American Dragon Jake Long.

It’s About Time

Their first album, It’s About Time, was given a limited release on August 8, 2006, after being pushed back for months, but Sony, Columbia Records’ parent company, ultimately lost interest in the band and dropped them in early 2007.  

But 2007 turned out be their breakthrough year. In February, they landed a contract with Hollywood Records. By April they were invited to the White House to perform the national anthem for the Easter Egg Roll, and in August, they released a self-titled album that hit the top five on the charts in its first week. Their success continued to build with appearances on the hit Disney show Hannah Montana and a collaboration with Miley Cyrus for ‘We Got the Party.’  

In 2008, the Jonas Brothers starred in a Disney film Camp Rock with Demi Lovato. The soundtrack was a huge success, debuting at number three on the charts. In July, they became the youngest band to land on the cover of Rolling Stone, right before their third album, A Little Bit Longer, became another success when it came out in August 2008. They capped off the year with a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

Hooking Up And Selling Out

They were unstoppable, and artists like Timbaland and Common were scrambling to do collaborations with them to reach younger audiences. In the next two years, they released another hit album, shot a second Camp Rock, released a 3-D concert film, performed on award shows, appeared on American Idol and hosted the Teen Choice Awards.  

But for those who aren’t fans of their kitschy teen rock, the Jonas Brothers are known for their wholesome, Christian image and starting the purity ring trend. The brothers have been involved in several high-profile relationships — Nick has been linked to Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez; Joe had a very public breakup with Taylor Swift and moved on to Camilla Belle before hooking up with Ashley Greene; and Kevin married Danielle Delsea in December 2009. But the devout evangelical Christians each made vows to stay abstinent until marriage and showed the world how committed they were when they all started wearing purity rings. The rings have been the topic of much ridicule, including a Russell Brand dig at the 2008 MTV VMAs and an episode of South Park. But in a world of nude cell phone photos and sex scandals, parents have no complaints.

Defining Quote “It’s getting banged up a little bit because of the guitar.” (Kevin Jonas on his purity ring)

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