How much is John Travolta worth?

Net Worth:$250 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:February 18, 1954
Country:United States of America
1.88 m

He was our favorite pelvic thrusting T-Bird as Danny Zuko in Grease before we said Look Who’s Talking.

Who Is John Travolta

He gave the world Saturday Night Fever before he dropped off the radar, eventually making a triumphant return as a charismatic gangster with some enviable moves on the dance floor. John Travolta is a cultural icon whether he’s a singing, dancing Romeo or a drug-addicted hitman, grounded or sailing 30,000 feet in the air.

American actor John Travolta has a net worth of at least $250 million dollars, as of 2020.

California Or Bust

John Travolta was born in Englewood, New Jersey in 1954 to Salvatore Travolta, a tire salesman and Helen Cecilia, an actress and singer. He inherited his mother’s singing voice and passion for performance and moved to New York City after graduating high school to pursue a career in the arts. After having some success on Broadway, Travolta moved across the country to try his hand at Hollywood.   

Travolta’s first big break came when he was cast in Carrie, the 1976 classic horror flick starring Sissy Spacek, and landed a role as the iconic Vinnie Barbarino in the ‘70s sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter.

Burning Up

While still holding down his sitcom gig, Travolta made a serious splash on the big screen when he landed the lead role in 1977’s hit Saturday Night Fever. Playing Tony Manero, a girl-crazy 19-year-old who escapes his stressful life with disco music and dancing every Saturday night, a then-24-year-old Travolta became one of the youngest actors ever to be nominated for a Best Actor Oscar.  

He followed his Saturday Night Fever success up immediately when he starred as the bad-boy/dream boat Danny Zuko in Grease the following year. He was already a seasoned veteran at the part, having starred as Danny in a touring production of Grease, the Musical during his post-high school theater stint. Already on a roll, his 1980 film Urban Cowboy became another box office smash and Travolta became one of the most successful actors of the ‘70s.  

Cooling Off

But his instant success led to serious burnout. Throughout the ‘80s and into the early ‘90s, he starred in a string of box office failures, including Saturday Night Fever sequel, Staying Alive, and received attention for his noticeable weight gain. But his career was reinvigorated in 1994 when he starred as Vincent Vega in Quentin Tarantino‘s cult classic, Pulp Fiction. Working alongside the legendary alongside Samuel L. Jackson, his performance got him a second Academy Award nomination and put him back in the spotlight.   

From there on out, he has brought box office success to nearly every project that he has been a part of, including Primary Colors, Face/Off, Get Shorty, Ladder 49, Wild Hogs and the 2007 remake of Hairspray, for which he won a Golden Globe.   

In The Cockpit

Off-screen, John is an avid pilot who owns a fleet of jets and planes and even went so far as to build his very own runway onto his Ocala, Florida estate. He utilized this in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, loading up his Boeing 707 with supplies and doctors and flying to Haiti.  

Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, have been no strangers to philanthropy and are active financial supporters of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund as well as the Heroes Health Fund which helps first responders receive top notch medical care. The pair met on the set of The Experts in 1987 while they were both in relationships—Preston was married to Kevin Gage and Travolta was with actress Marilu Henner. They didn’t become romantically involved until 1990 and married in 1991.  

Person Of Tragedy

Already no stranger to tragedy—in 1977, his actress girlfriend Diana Hyland died of breast cancer while he was at her side—John suffered another enormous loss in January 2009. His first child with Preston, Jett, died suddenly at the age of 16.  The family was vacationing in the Bahamas to celebrate the New Year when Jett, who suffered from Kawasaki Syndrome, had a massive seizure. Travolta, who once referred to his son as “my first” and “my heart,” was devastated by the loss. On July 12th, 2020, tragedy struck again when his wife Kelly Preston died of breast cancer.

Rising Up

But like John has come back in the past, the couple, who also have a daughter, Ella (born April 2000), gave birth to another son, Benjamin, in November 2010. Despite his career downswing, personal struggles and controversy surrounding his Scientologist background, there’s no disputing John’s star power and uncanny ability to make a comeback.

Defining Quote “The more they talk about my comebacks and my gaining weight and losing weight, that’s great. I’ve been around too long to worry about it.”

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