John Cena Net Worth

How much is John Cena worth?

Net Worth:$60 Million
Profession:Professional Wrestler
Date of Birth:April 23, 1977
Country:United States of America
1.86 m

Who Is John Cena

John Cena is a professional American wrestler, who is also an actor, rapper and TV presenter.

Born in Massachusetts, in the town of West Newbury, John Cena is 43 years old. He moved to California in 1998 intent on pursuing a career as a bodybuilder, but the following year he switched to wrestling.

American wrestler John Cena has a net worth of $60 million dollars, as of 2021.

How Did John Cena Get So Rich?

John Cena’s fortune is sitting at $60 million as of 2021, with annual earnings as high as $9.5 million, but can vary from year to year depending on commitments. This income is entirely derived from wrestling and endorsements.

In addition to his wrestling income, John also has earnings from movie work, both as an actor and provided voices for animated characters.

John also has endorsed a string of products and brands, including Gillette and Gold’s Gym. He receives a percentage of the merchandise produced by WWE and also does voiceovers for commercials.

John is a keen supporter of charities, especially the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Why Is He So Famous?

Once John launched his wrestling career, he progressed rapidly. In 2001 he signed for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) and became well-known as the trash-talking rapper in the ring. He adopted the name “Doctor of Thuganomics” for a while, but also called himself “The Prototype”. He would rap before many of his matches and sometimes took verbal aim at opponents through rap.

John enjoyed a successful career as a wrestler. He won his first major title – the United States Championship – in 2004, which he went on to win another four times. He has won World titles on 16 occasions, 13 of which were through WWE (the successor of WWF). He has twice won the Royal Rumble and has one Money in the Bank win to his name. He still makes occasional appearances, although he seems to be toying with the idea of retirement from the ring. When he does retire finally, his colorful presence in the wrestling ring will be missed by his many fans.

Although John has been a controversial character in the wrestling world, he continues to be popular and successful. He launched a second career as a film actor in 2006, when he starred in a WWE Studios sponsored film called The Marine. This was something of a slow burner, but did well with $18.7 million dollars taken at the box office and a further $30 million from rentals.

WWE Studios produced John’s second movie 12 Rounds in 2009 which had been filmed in New Orleans. Film number three was Legendary, another WWE Studios production in 2010. John next starred as Fred’s imaginary father in the film Fred: The Movie. This was based on the YouTube videos of Lucas Cruikshank. The movie first aired on Nickelodeon.

Through 2015 John appeared as in three comedy films: Trainwreck, Sisters and he had a cameo appearance in Daddy’s Home. In 2017 John appeared as a voice artist in two animated films: Surf’s Up 2: Wavemania, and Ferdinand. He also appeared in the Daddy’s Home sequel Daddy’s Home 2, in which he reprised his cameo role, but now as a major character. John followed this with a role in the 2018 comedy Blockers. He also played a leading role in the film Bumblebee, which was a prequel to the Transformers films. In 2019 he was handed a role in the movie F9. Most recently he voiced a polar bear named Yoshi in the film Dolittle that starred Robert Downey Jr. in the title role.

John also has been cast in the second The Suicide Squad movie which is destined to be released in 2021. His actual role has not been announced.

John has also made a variety of TV appearances including on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Saturday Night Live. Having hosted a number of TV Awards shows, John landed the job of host of the revived show Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader on Nickelodeon in 2019 and he continues in that role.

John also has a music career. His hip-hop debut album You Can’t See Me appeared in 2005 and went platinum. He collaborated with the rapper Wiz Khalifa to produce two songs for the soundtrack of the video game WWE 2K15.

What Makes Him So Successful?

John Cena is an inspirational example of a man who was always prepared to work hard to achieve his dreams. On the wrestling circuit he is respected for his commitment to hard work and his determination. Success for John came not through luck, but through his belief that he was the best, and his putting in the effort to make sure that was the case. He feels that success achieved through your own hard work is the best success of all.

He is an inspirational man whose attitude to life can be described as incredibly motivating. He often says that while his life is busy is always aims to keep calm and never gives up. This approach has meant he has been rewarded with victories, titles and fame. He is now famous not just in the US but all across the world.

John Cena’s philosophy towards life is simple. He is passionate about his career, and says that to be a success, everyone should be passionate about what they are doing. John is positive in his approach to each day and strives to make every day as productive as possible. John does not let mistakes hold him back. Learn from them, he says, or they will be great regrets in your life. John thinks that talk is cheap, it’s action that really counts. If you have a dream, he says, you are the only one who can make it come true and therefore you need to make it happen. He believes in loyalty to those you count as friends and showing respect to those that have earned it.


John Cena is a man who has lived his life by his own high standards. He has been successful not only in sport, but in music, movies and TV. He has achieved so much by sticking to his beliefs, and everyone could learn from his remarkable example.

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