Joanna Coles Net Worth

Joanna Coles works as a editor-in-chief for Cosmopolitan magazine. As of 2021, she’s also starring on a new reality TV show titled So Cosmo. This strong independent woman became very successful and wealthy. Coles’ current net worth is estimated to be around $2.3 million and we also know who’s her husband.

Coles is married to Peter Godwin since 2001. They have two kids, sons Thomas and Hugo. They also take care of dog named Phoebe. Godwin is an accomplished journalist who was born in Rhoodesia (today’s Zimbabwe) but emmigrated whn the country fell into disarray.

Joanna was born on April 20, 1962. She earned her BA in English and American literature at University of East Anglia. After graduation, Coles started working for The Spectator. In 1997, she moved to US. Joanna Coles has her current job since 2012.

Coles sits in multiple boards, including Snapchat and Women Entrepreneurs New York City. Her extensive career experience in media makes her a valuable asset for her firm No wonder, Joanna was just recently promoted and she’ll be supervising now all Hearst’s magazines in the USA and abroad.

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Written by Victoria Rothstein

Victoria Rothstein entered the financial industry in 2002 and worked with an investment firm in Singapore until 2014. After more than ten years and as a shareholder as well as an executive, she left to focus on her own investments. Originally from New York she continues to live and work within emerging markets. Hong Kong is now her base, yet she is also often in Thailand, Indonesia and mainland China.

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