How much is Jimmy Page worth?

Net Worth:$200 Million
Profession:Professional Musician
Date of Birth:January 9, 1944
Country:United Kingdom
1.8 m

Who Is Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page is the poster child (or poster man he is getting on a bit now…) for rock and roll guitarists. You know the old doctrine of sex, drugs and rock and roll; well it’s fair to say that Page was one of its first apostles. I doubt he still does much of the latter anymore other than maybe blood pressure pills, but he does still perform from time to time… musically at least.

With Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page helped define the world of rock music and not just through debauchery, but though his innovative blues and folk inspired guitar playing. There’s most likely not a guitarist alive today that hasn’t taken some influence from his playing. Oh, and he’s filthy rich too… Being worth roughly $180,000,000, Jimmy Page’s long and illustrious career has certainly paid dividends.

As of 2020, Jimmy Page has a net worth of $200 million dollars.

How Did Jimmy Page Get So Rich?

The 1970s were the glory years for Led Zeppelin. Their shows would pull in over 50,000 fans on a good night, so of course that meant a lot of $$$. In fact, Zeppelin’s show in ’73 at Tampa set a new record for a rock concert earnings with $309,000, which would be $1,750,000 by today. When you’re making that amount of money for a single show you know that something has gone horribly right for you!

Page’s live performances alone netted him a healthy amount of Benjamins, but factoring in Led Zeppelin’s album sales on top of that is dizzying. Led Zeppelin are the fourth best-selling band in album history with 111,000,000 albums sold, or over 300,000,000 if downloads and singles are considered… jeez! Every one of Led Zeppelins seven studio albums made the top ten and the eighth post-breakup compilation album did too. It’s no wonder then that Led Zeppelin remain one of the most influential rock groups to have ever lived!

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Following drummer, John Bonham’s death in 1980, Led Zeppelin called it a day. If it hadn’t been for Bonham’s untimely death, who knows what more highs the band could have reached.

As a household name in music, Jimmy Page certainly didn’t leave the limelight when Zeppelin disbanded. Page continued to make collaborative albums though they were far and between throughout the �80s and �90s.

Led Zeppelin would reunite a number of times for charity concerts with a replacement drummer — admirable sure, but it’s not like Page needed the money anyway!

Why Is He So Famous?

After his birth in London, England it wasn’t long before Jimmy Page’s guitarist seeds were being sown. He picked up the guitar at the age of twelve and the world seemingly aligned for him because it only took two years after when he made his first TV appearance. Admittedly, it was with a skiffle band — a somewhat far cry away from Zeppelin’s visceral rock and roll… As the fresh-faced school boy tells the interviewer that he wants to pursue a career in “biological research” it’s difficult not to laugh! Oh, such innocence.

In the early 1960s, it wasn’t long after leaving school that Jimmy Page was chasing his career in music leaving a Jimmy Page shaped hole in the world of biological research.

London in the 1960s was the epicenter for rock and roll. Young musicians who had been influenced by blues music were taking the genre and with it creating something altogether new — rock. London was, at the time, the perfect place for any aspiring musicians to cut their teeth.

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Page’s first real break came as a session musician and producer at Immediate Records. Although he played guitar on the music that came through Immediate Records, Page got his taste of the real thing when he joined the rock and roll group, the Yardbirds. The Yardbirds achieved moderate fame during their tenure, but not nearly as much as Led Zeppelin later would. After two years in the Yardbirds, the band’s lineup changed to feature, John Paul Jones, John Bonham, Robert Plant and of course, Page. If you’re up on your Zeppelin knowledge, you might have noticed that this indeed was the lineup of Led Zeppelin. Due to a contractual obligation, Led Zeppelin had to perform as the New Yardbirds before they could change their name.

Come 1968, Led Zeppelin was finally born, and life as one of the most successful rock groups in history was in full swing.

What Makes Jimmy Page Successful?

Although the Yardbirds didn’t make much of a storm, Led Zeppelin were never too far away from success. Of course, that’s partly down to Page’s and Led Zeppelin’s overwhelming musicianship and artistic vision, but manager, Peter Grant had a huge and hairy hand in Page’s success.

The ex-wrestler and all-round scary dude, Peter Grant was a force to be reckoned with as Led Zeppelin’s manager. He wasn’t the sole reason for Led Zeppelin and indeed Page’s success, but arguably, they wouldn’t have reached the highs they did without him. Grant was the man with the business acumen while was Page was busy out on drink and drug binges, oh, and writing songs. Grant secured recording contracts, touring contracts, and was even the person who enlisted the rest of Zeppelin’s band members in the first place.

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As a shrewd businessman, Grant negotiated deals that were financially unheard of for rock groups at that time. When Led Zeppelin signed to Atlantic they received a record-breaking $200,000 advance — you can damn well be sure that the mountain of a man, Grant, was the mastermind behind such a hefty fee!

Jimmy Page credits a lot of Led Zeppelins fame and fortune to Peter Grant. Grant essentially paved the way for rock bands being the overpaid stars they became from the 1970s onwards and fostered in a new dynamic between artists and promoters.

It goes without saying that Jimmy Page knew how to make a hit record, but Grant was the businessman behind the artist.


Biological research’s loss was music’s gain! Jimmy Page is a rock god, a wizard on the guitar, and has been one of the main creative forces behind one of the biggest bands in history. With sell-out tours and an insane amount of album sales, Page’s success is a fitting match for his creative and musical abilities.

If you’re in a band, it no doubt helps to have a manager like Peter Grant making sure that you get all the cash you deserve. True, Page would have been a phenomenal artist with or without Grant, just a considerably less rich one!

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