Jim Yong Kim Net Worth

How much is Jim Yong Kim worth?

Net Worth:$8 Million
Date of Birth:December 8, 1959
Country:South Korea-born American

About Jim Yong Kim

Jim Yong Kim (짐용김), an anthropologist and physician from the United States, was born on December 8, 1959. His estimated net worth is $8 million. In March 2012, President Obama proposed Jim Yong Kim, the president of Dartmouth College, as the next head of the World Bank. Kim’s “personal story exemplifies the great diversity of our country,” the president claimed.

Korean-American physician and anthropologist who served as the 12th President of the World Bank from 2012 to 2019 Jim Yong Kim has an estimated net worth of $8 million dollars, as of 2023.

On December 8, 1959, Jim Yong Kim was born in Seoul, South Korea. When he was 5 years old, his family relocated to the United States. Kim became a citizen of the United States after the immigrant family relocated to Muscatine, Iowa, and swiftly integrated into American culture.

At the University of Iowa, his father taught dentistry, while his mother received a degree in philosophy. In addition to being class president and valedictorian, Kim excelled in football and basketball while attending Muscatine High School.

An education from Harvard

Kim continued his education at the University of Iowa before transferring in his second year to Brown University. He received his magna cum laude diploma and went on to graduate from Harvard Medical School with a medical degree in 1991. Two years later, he added a PhD in anthropology from Harvard, the immigrant scholar’s second postgraduate degree.

Kim was a founding member of Partners in Health, a group that created ground-breaking healthcare initiatives in Haiti that by the mid-1990s were providing care to hundreds of thousands of underprivileged patients. Kim joined PIH as executive director before departing in 2003 to join the WHO.

Kim oversaw the WHO’s HIV/AIDS activities in underdeveloped nations. Under Kim’s direction, millions of AIDS patients in Africa and Asia received therapy. Kim has frequently lectured on topics related to social medicine and human rights at the Harvard School of Medicine.

Head of Dartmouth College

In March 2009, Kim was appointed the 17th president of Dartmouth College. He was the first Asian-American to serve as the head of an Ivy League institution. In the wake of Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake, Kim used his relationship with Partners in Health to connect students and the Dartmouth community with Haiti. He founded Dartmouth Haiti Response, which raised millions of dollars for humanitarian aid.

During his first lecture at Dartmouth, Kim gave a sneak peek into his personal philosophy by urging students to “think big, in fact think about the whole planet.”

“Think big, in fact, think about the entire planet,” he advised the children. Accept the problems of the world as your own, as John Sloan Dickey (the former president of Dartmouth) emphasized so forcefully. You are all extraordinary people. You were accepted into Dartmouth’s most exclusive class in school history. The excellent faculty here is dedicated to instructing you. All of us are here for you.

With everything you’ve got, “do something great,” he urged. “Show ambition. Aim to transform the world. Take on climate change as an engineer and help us advance toward a more sustainable future. If you’re a musician, try to compose or play music that genuinely affects listeners. Defeat Harvard if you play football! Please! this season!

“As an old teacher, I like to make things simple to remember. During your four years here, remember these four P’s. Find your passion, be persistent in achieving mastery, pursue knowledge in the way that works best for you, and embrace the planet’s problems, because no one will be more prepared to fix them than you.

“I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to tackle social problems around the world – but I came to Dartmouth because I’m convinced that those of you gathered here today will achieve far more than I ever could. Helping you do that is now my mission in life.”

Nominated to Lead the World Bank

President Obama proposed Kim for the position of World Bank president in March 2012. It was a surprising choice over more well-known competitors.

But ever since the 187-nation World Bank was established in 1944, one American has served as its president, prompting complaints from several nations that it was past due for a change. Kim’s immigrant background and Asian ancestry assist in allaying those worries.

President Obama stated that Jim was a perfect choice for the position because of his professional background and personal experience. “The World Bank is one of the most effective tools we have to reduce poverty and raise standards of living around the world,” he added. “It’s time for a development expert to head the biggest development organization in the world.”

Despite being reappointed to lead the World Bank for a further five years in 2016, Kim declared that he would vacate his position as of February 1, 2019. Jim Yong Kim’s net worth is projected to be $8 million as of 2023. Kim included on Forbes Magazine’s 2013 list of the world’s most powerful individuals.

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