How much is Jen Atkin worth?

Net Worth:$1 Million
Profession:Professional Hairstylist
Date of Birth:March 10, 1980
Country:United States of America

Who Is Jen Atkin

Celebrity hairstylist and CEO of OUAI Haircare Jen Atkin is recognized as the Kardashian-Jenner family hairstylist. She also styles hair for other top celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba. Jen confessed that her most valuable source of inspiration is Instagram.

Jen Atkin’s total net worth is around $1 million dollars as of 2020.

How did Jen Atkin become a millionaire?

In the past, Jen was working as an assistant at Chris McMillan’s salon. When she was 26, Jen got one of her first celebrity jobs while assisting hairstylist Andy Lecompte on Madonna’s Confessions world tour. Later she assisted backstage hair maestro Guido Palau, John Galliano and Marc Jacobs. Atkin gained further recognition through her work when Kim Kardashian’s famous platinum-blonde moment which was featured on French Elle’s cover.

One of her signature looks is the ultra-sleek, severely center-parted ponytail, which is often seen on Kim Kardashian. On OUAI Haircare’s website you can purchase professional hair products around $30 each. Jen has increased her net worth and fame as CEO of this hairstylist brand. She also increase her brand recognition through her Instagram Account which has surpassed incredible 3.4 million followers, as of 2020.

Jen was announced as the most influential hairstylist in the world by The New York Times. She is also a partner with Sherry at the BlendedStrategy website. To increase her wealth Jen also founded her own website She uploads there covers of magazines where her work was featured as well as her red carpet styles, advertisements, tutorials and also includes the OUAI Haircare brand.


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