Jeff Lutz Net Worth

Jeff Lutz is a new street racer on Discovery channel’s reality television show Street Outlaws. He drives extremely upgraded 1969 Chevrolet Camaro called Mad Max. As of 2021, Jeff Lutz has an estimated net worth of $800 thousand and we also know more interesting news about him, just check the bio below.

Mad Max made some impressive record lately. He made it in 5.87 to 251 mph at Orlando Speedway. That’s a new street car world record, beating Larson’s 5.89. Lutz’ Chevy Camaro has matte black finish and twin turbo pistons under the hood.

But Camaro isn’t Jeff’s only car. He also owns two ’57 Chevrolets. They are basically identical twins and he currently has them as a header picture on his Facebook page. We wish him luck on races and can’t wait to see him in the next episode.

Street Outlaws premiered in 2013 on Discovery Channel and are still gaining popularity. In fact so much, that spin-off Street Outlaws: New Orleans started recently. Lutz is one of the latest additions to the main cast so we expect there will be more information about him and his car available later.

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