How much is Jeanie Buss worth?

Net Worth:$600 Million
Profession:President of the Los Angeles Lakers
Date of Birth:September 26, 1961
Country:United States of America
1.65 m

Who Is Jeanie Buss

Although the United States is considered a “melting pot” of diverse cultures, languages, and religion many Americans value similar things. One of the most popular past times shared by all citizens is sports. As you might have guessed, NFL Football ranks first on the popularity scale; however, Baseball and Basketball fall close behind. Basketball may rank as America’s third most popular sport, but it is also the tenth most followed sport in the world. Such a large empire takes a lot of businesses and executive leaders to keep things running smoothly. Jeanie Buss, President of the Los Angeles Lakers understands how important her role is in maintaining a smooth yet profitable business model.

As of 2020, Jeanie Buss has a net worth of $600 million dollars.

How Did Jeanie Buss Get So Rich?

Jeanie’s ability to think strategically enabled her to lead multiple sports teams to success; yet her wealth began to dramatically increase in 2013 following the death of her Father. When Jerry Buss died, he left his ownership of the Lakers to be shared between his six children. At this time Buss took over as the team president of representative for the Lakers and was a board member of the NBA Governors. During this time Buss also managed the business operations for the Lakers and later chose Magic Johnson to serve as President of Basketball Operations.

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Although Buss was born into a family of wealth and power, she proved that she could lead a team and business towards success. With each accomplishment she acquired while working with the Lakers, she was in the spotlight, news, and media. Due to her ownership and hard work with the Lakers, Jeanie has acquired a net worth that hovers around $500 million dollars.

Why Is She So Famous?

Before Jeanie Buss was named President of the Los Angeles Lakers, she overcame and conquered many other extraordinary feats. Jeanie was born on September 26, 1961. Her father, Jerry Buss was a popular real estate investor who owned a diverse portfolio amongst multiple sports businesses. After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Business, Jeanie officially began her career within the family business as the General Manager of the Tennis Team named “Los Angeles Strings”.

Her success with managing the Strings encouraged her to become the owner of the Los Angeles Blades, a professional roller hockey team. These accomplishments proved that she was capable of senior level executive leadership; therefore, she was named the Vice President of the Lakers marking her rise to fame and riches.

What Makes Jeanie So Successful?

Some may argue that Jeanie was born into wealth and success; however, it truly takes hard work, determination, vision, and intellect to successfully run any business. Each year, the Lakers play 57 games which are telecasted for viewers everywhere. On average, each telecast game brings in a tremendous 200,000 viewers. While Buss is responsible for typical business operations such as Marketing, Public Affairs, Business Development, and so forth – she also must ensure that each game and telecast is perfectly executed as well.

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Throughout her diverse career, Jeanie has served as the operations leader for minor sports teams as well as major sports teams. She accredits her success to the experience she gained working with smaller teams because it allowed her to hone her skills and taught her to think creatively about problem solving. Of all her incredible talents, Jeanie accredits most of her success to her ability to be and remain adaptable. This trait assists her in solving problems but also maintaining a forward-focused vision.


Jeanie Buss was born into a family of power, wealth, and incredible investment assets. After graduating college and successfully managing multiple minor sports teams, Jeanie was named the Vic President of the Los Angeles Lakers. Upon the death of her beloved father, Jerry Buss, Jeanie and her 5 siblings inherited ownership of the Lakers. Since 2013, Jeanie has been an active leader of the beloved NBA team and has connections with the A List celebrity Magic Johnson.

As the controlling owner of the Lakers, Jeanie has acquired an estimated net worth of $500 million dollars. While she could easily account her success to the fortune she inherited, she proves time and time again that she earned her wealth. She strives to serve as an innovative, agile, and adaptable leader and loves solving complex problems. Although NBA is ranked as the third most popular American Sport, perhaps with Jeanie’s continued leadership it will move up a spot – or two!

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