Jay Park Net Worth

How much is Jay Park worth?

Net Worth:$13 Million
Profession:Professional Rapper
Date of Birth:April 25, 1987
Country:United States of America
1.7 m

About Jay Park

Jay Park is a Korean-American actor, choreographer, dancer, entrepreneur, rapper, singer, and songwriter. He rose to prominence after joining the Art of Movement b-boy crew as well as the boy band 2PM. Since the beginning of his career in the late 2000s, he has been one of the influential figures in the Korean hip hop scene. Described as

Korean-American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, choreographer, entrepreneur and actor Jay Park has a net worth of $13 million dollars, as of 2021. Park is a member of the Seattle-based b-boy crew Art of Movement. He is also founder and CEO of the independent hip hop record labels AOMG and H1ghr Music.

How Did Jay Park Get So Rich?

Uploading videos of his own songs and covers of other artists plus signing a multi-million contract with one of the largest entertainment agencies in South Korea “SidusHQ” is what made the talented artist so rich. He spent less than two years with 2PM as its leader and appeared mostly in singles of the boy band. After a lot of controversies took part in late 2009, he decided to leave the group and embark on a solo music career. In March 2010, he created his YouTube channel under the username “japarkaom”.

Shortly after he published his own version of B.o.B. and Bruno Mars’ mega-hit “Nothing On You” on the video-sharing website, his video went viral. It reached more than 2 million views in less than 24 hours and eventually earned the artist more than $300.000. A few months later, he became one of the members of Art of Movement and signed with “SidusHQ”, one of the biggest entertainment agencies in South Korea. By July, he finalized and released his debut studio project, an extended play titled “Count on Me” that sold over 50,000 copies. From the sales and promotions of his first EP, Jay accumulated well over $700.000.

Why is he so famous?

Joining the boy band 2PM and then uploading music on YouTube helped Jay Park become famous in the late 2000s and early 2010s. He was born on April 25, 1987, in Edmonds, Washington. He was raised in the Seattle metropolitan area and showed great interest in breakdancing and hip hop music at a young age. Jay attended Edmonds Woodway, where he improved most of his skills. During his early teens, he listened to a lot of hip hop and rap music and spent significant time learning and writing rap songs.

In early 2003, he became one of the founding members of the b-boy crew Art of Movement. He often skipped classes to participate in breakdancing competitions. One of these was organized by JYP Entertainment, a South Korean conglomerate. Despite failing to make it to the finals of the competition and winning the monetary prize reward, he impressed the officials of JYP Entertainment so much that they offered him to be one of the first members of the boy band 2PM as an idol. He was brought to South Korea in early 2005to train his dancing, rapping, and singing abilities, as well as his Korean language.

What Makes Him So Successful?

The success of the actor, dancer, singer, and rapper comes from his multi-platinum studio albums and his partnership with leading entertainment agencies, such as Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. Long before that, starting in 2010s, Jay Park became an actor and television personality. He made his debut in the 2011 music competition titled “Immortal Songs 2” as a regular cast member. Throughout the next few years, he became a judge and became a cast member in many television programs such as “Dancing 9”, “Saturday Night Live Korea”, “Show Me The Money”, “Unpretty Raptor”, and “King of Mask Singer”. Most recently, he became the main judge on the second and third seasons of “Asia’s Got Talent”.

Concurrently with being an active actor and television personality, Park continued to produce and release new music. In February 2012, he released his debut studio album titled “New Breed”. The album was a commercial and critical success that triumphed in South Korea and Japan among many other countries. Since then, he has released four other studio albums, all of which were just as successful – “Evolution”, “Worldwide”, “Everything You Wanted”, and “The Road Less Traveled”.


Jay Park is one of the most popular Korean actors, dancers, and rappers in recent memory that has won multiple accolades. Over the past 10 years, he has released many acclaimed music projects and has taken part in various television projects that earned him more than $10 million and international recognition.

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