How much is Jason Michael Carroll worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:June 13, 1978
Country:United States of America

“One of biggest things I thought about [while working on an album] is putting together an accurate interpretation of who I am. [In my albums,] there is a softer side, partying and hell-raising songs, and darker stuff that I love to write.” — Jason Michael Carroll

Who Is Jason Michael Carroll

Jason Michael Carroll was born on June 13, 1978 in Houston, TX, where he grew up in a religious household. His father, a Christian minister didn’t allow any secular music played in the home. Jason Michael was able to hear pop, rock and country music in friend’s parents’ cars, but he really felt moved toward country music, when he worked in a motor shop.

American country music artist Jason Michael Carroll has a net worth of $5 million dollars, as of 2020. He signed to the Arista Nashville label in 2006 and released his debut album “Waitin’ in the Country” that same year.

Jason Michael started writing songs around the age of 12, and wrote about things in his life, such as the death of the family cat. On Jason Michael’s debut album, he co-wrote five of the 11 tracks, including one he wrote with Jewel, called “No Good in Good Bye,” which she also sang on.

He started singing in a band as the lead singer for a group called “Chasin’ Country,” but they weren’t as serious about music as he was, and when he booked them a gig at the popular Longbranch, the band gave him his pink slip, kicking him out of the group.

In 2004, his mother urged him to enter a local FOX affiliate’s talent contest, and it was at this contest he was noticed by Rusty Harmon, who is the manager of Hootie and the Blowfish, and also produced Pat Green’s Wave on Wave, and many John Cougar Mellencamp albums. This lead him to his deal with Arista Nashville, where he later released his debut album, Waitin’ in the Country. The album debuted at No. 1 and he’s had two Top 5 singles, with “Alyssa Lies,” and “Livin’ Our Love Song.”

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Growing Up Is Getting Old

When Jason Michael Carroll released his debut album Waitin’ In The Country in 2007, fans grasped his music and truly made him feel welcome in the country music world. When “Alyssa Lies” was released, it blew up the charts and offered an inside look into the world of a child who confides in here father about a girl at school who is being abused. This tune raised awareness and was used to help fight child abuse across the country.

He followed up this single with a wonderful tune called “Livin’ Our Love Song.” This helped Jason Michael earn even more fans by showing off his affectionate side.

Growing up in a religious household, he faced a lot of issues that many of us could never imagine. His father was a minister and very strict when it came to music and what his children were allowed to listen to. Jason Michael was later encouraged by his mother to enter a competition, which he won for his singing abilities.

If you are ever in Nashville for the CMA Festival, check out the different places that Jason Michael will be at. Chances are, you won’t have to look far. He puts his fans first and is always out and about offering them a warm welcome. His music is amazing and every single word is from the heart. You will never have to search for a great song as long as Jason Michael Carroll is recording music.

The Songs

When listening to Jason Michael Carroll, fans have come to expect the different sounds that have made him the artist that he is today. It is no different with this record. You will hear everything from love to partying and anything in between.

The album starts off with an awesome tune called “Happened On A Saturday Night (Suzie Q).” It is fast-paced and is about a “love gone wrong” situation and how everyone is affected by how the other one acts.

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The first single on this record is an amazing song that has really made an impact on country music lovers. It is “Where I’m From.” Nothing beats its message or its sound. It is about a common man who is flying to pick up his brother who is dying. While on the plane, he gets bumped up to first class and starts talking to the man in the “Armani suit” next to him. He describes where he is from and how he enjoys the simple things in life. You will have to listen to the rest of the song to find out how it ends, but it is worth it.

“That’s All I Know” is one of the best songs that Jason Michael has ever recorded and “We Threw It All Away” is right there with it.

Wrapping this record up is a touching track called “Hurry Home.” If you are a parent, you will be able to relate to the fears of where your children are at different points in their lives.

Waitin’ In The Country

“Waitin’ In The Country” is about a country boy who knows there’s a whole different world out there in the big city but he would rather live where he’s most comfortable. He wants to crank up Merle Haggard on the jukebox and take a dip in the town’s lazy river.

Living life to the fullest is the subject of “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead.” You can’t accuse this man of moving along at a snail’s pace because “If there’s something going on within a hundred miles of home you’re gonna hear my V8 sing.” He works during the day so he can make his money, but when the night comes you’ll never know where to find him.

First single, “Alyssa Lies,” is such a touching song told from the prospective of a father, whose daughter made friends with an abused girl. At first he didn’t realize what his daughter meant, but as she told him more he decided to do something Monday morning when he dropped her off at school. By then, it was too late and Alyssa was gone. His little girl didn’t understand why this had to happen to her new friend but he tells her now she’s with Jesus.

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“No Good In Goodbye,” featuring Jewel, is about a couple who recalls the night they gave up instead of giving in. Their hearts are telling them both that they should be together but it all depends on a single phone call. A broken relationship is also the subject in “Angel Of Broken Hearts.” The man is looking for someone or something to help get him over his ex. “Have I not suffered long enough?” he asks.I love the lyrics in “Livin’ Our Love Song.” A man begins to think about how people said their relationship wouldn’t last, but years later they are still proving them wrong. He can’t believe that a backwoods boy and a fairy tale princess have built such a strong relationship. “You’re dancing in my arms, with a spotlight moon and a sea of stars. Girl we’ve come so far. Everything that I want is everything you are.”

There’s something special about your “Honky Tonk Friends” because you can be who you and have a lot of fun with them. Sure, the man keeps in touch with the friends he had while growing up and he still talks with his church friends but for right now he wants to spend time with his bar buddies.

“Let It Rain” is an emotional song about a man who says he isn’t afraid of living, he just doesn’t know how he’ll live without her. Everytime it rains he’s taken back to the moments he shared with the love of his life, because she loved rainy days. “We’d run back to your apartment and hide away. We’d talk about forever how we’d share our life. It never crossed my mind I’d be without you here tonight.”


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