Jason Calacanis Net Worth

How much is Jason Calacanis worth?

Net Worth:$150 Million
Profession:Internet entrepreneur
Date of Birth:28 November 1970
Country:United States of America
5′ 4″

About Jason Calacanis

In the 1990s, when Calacanis was just beginning his career, he worked in New York as a reporter covering the internet sector. Rising Tide Studios was a media firm that issued print and internet periodicals. Calacanis was the company’s creator and served as its CEO. Calacanis was an active member of the Silicon Alley community in New York during the heyday of the dot-com industry, and he launched the Silicon Alley Reporter in the year 1996.

Jason Calacanis has an estimated net worth of $150 million dollars, as of 2023. The Weblogs, Inc. blogs company was bringing in $1,000 per day from AdSense barely two years after its launch. In October 2005, Weblogs, Inc. was agreed to be purchased by Time Warner’s America Online for $25–30 million.

It started out as a photocopied newsletter that was only 16 pages long, but it soon grew into a magazine that was 300 pages long and had a sister edition for the West Coast known as the Digital Coast Reporter. Calacanis was one of three children born to parents of Greek and Irish ancestry who settled in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. His other siblings are all brothers.

In 1988, he received his diploma from Xaverian High School. After that, he got a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Fordham University, where he studied for a while. Because of Calacanis’s outgoing personality, members in the Silicon Alley community jokingly refer to him as the “yearbook editor” Additionally, the company was responsible for organizing Internet, online, and New Media-oriented conferences in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

In 2018, Calacanis made an investment in the meditation app Calm, which has a current market value of one billion dollars. Calacanis and Brian Alvey are credited with co-founding the blog network known as Weblogs, Inc. on September 24, 2003. Mark Cuban provided initial funding for the fledgling business in the form of an angel investment.

Just two years after its beginning, the blog business operated by Weblogs, Inc. was producing a reported $1,000 in daily revenue from AdSense alone. In October of 2005, America Online, which is owned by Time Warner, reached an agreement to purchase Weblogs, Inc. for between $25 and $30 million.

Calacanis stepped down from his roles as CEO of Weblogs, Inc. and general manager of Netscape, according to a report that was published by TechCrunch on November 16, 2006. This was later verified by Calacanis, who discussed it on his blog and on the Gillmor Gang podcast.

In December of 2006, Calacanis became an EIA (entrepreneur in action) with Sequoia Capital, a venture capital firm. He remained in this role until May of 2007, when he left to pursue other opportunities. By participating in this initiative, Calacanis was able to invest $25,000 in the business owned by Travis Kalanick. The value of the transaction has increased to approximately $100 million.

After reaching a point when he was fed up with his weight, Calacanis launched a movement on the internet that he named “fatblogging” in 2007. A person loses weight by exercising and then posts their weight later onto their blog for the purpose of receiving encouragement and support from comments as well as from other fatbloggers. This practice is known as fatblogging.

Calacanis wed Jade Li between the years 2006 and 2009, however the exact date is unknown. Page 9 of Jeffrey Epstein‘s little black book has a listing for Calacanis’s company. On the 5th of August, 2020, he responded to this revelation by revealing that he met Epstein at a Ted Talk when Epstein was interested in investing in Calacanis’ magazine. Epstein was interested in investing in Calacanis’ magazine. Calacanis also mentioned that he “played ping pong with Ghislaine Maxwell once”.

Through a post on their blog on March 16, 2009, they revealed their intentions to launch the podcast. On the first of May in 2009, the 60-minute program had its debut, and the first guest to appear on it was Brian Alvey, the CEO and founder of the content management and hosting system Crowd Fusion. One of the podcasts that has been running the longest on the subject of new businesses and angel funding is this one.

Calacanis established the Open Angel Forum in 2009; it is a gathering that brings together angel investors and businesses in their early stages of development. This event was the climax of a series of public comments made by Calacanis in which he questioned the ethical propriety of pay-to-pitch angel forums.

Calacanis is of the opinion that start-up companies should not be required to pay in order to present their business ideas to angel investors. He cites examples of fees that can vary anywhere from $1,000 to $8,000 for a single 10- or 15-minute presentation. Robinhood, Wealthfront, Uber, Desktop Metal, Datastax, Thumbtack, Superhuman, and Trello are all companies in which Calacanis has invested as an angel investor.

Mahalo (which means “thank you” in Hawaiian) is an online directory that he founded and which garnered $20 million in venture funding from investors including Sequoia Capital, News Corp, CBS, and Elon Musk. In 2011, the company reached its peak of 15 million unique visitors per month and achieved profitability. However, in 2012, the company experienced a significant drop in traffic as a result of an upgrade to the Google Panda search algorithm, and in 2014, the company ceased operations.

ThisWeekIn.com, which Calacanis established, went offline in 2012 but is now operational once more and can be accessed as a weekly podcast. This Week in Startups is a show that is hosted by Jason Calacanis and co-hosted by Molly Wood. The show is also known as TWiSt.

In 2017, HarperCollins released Calacanis’s book on angel investing titled “Angel: How to Invest in Technology Startups—Timeless Advice from an Angel Investor Who Turned $100,000 into $100,000,000.” The book was written by Calacanis and was titled “How to Invest in Technology Startups—Timeless Advice from an Angel Investor Who Turned $100,000 into $100,000,000.” Additionally, he established a company called Inside.com, which focuses on providing subscribers with topical newsletters. The company was able to secure $2.6 million in funding.

During an appearance on the Too Embarrassed to Ask podcast in 2018, Calacanis made the public announcement that he had sold all of his Facebook stock. He also expressed harsh criticism of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and co-founder of the firm. He referred to the manner in which Zuckerberg operates the company as “completely immoral” and stated that “No founder should ever sell a company to him.”

Calacanis, in collaboration with the New South Wales State Government, established the Sydney Launch Festival in June 2019, making it possible for entrepreneurs to present their ideas to audiences from all over the world.

Calacanis, along with Chamath Palihapitiya, David O. Sacks, and David Friedberg, has taken over the role of co-host of the All-In Podcast as of the year 2022. The first All-In Summit was held in May 2022 in Miami, and it was sponsored by the All-In Podcast crew. Attendees included industry experts from both business and technology, and the main topic of discussion was “What problem do you want to solve right now?”


His first company was founded in New York during the height of the dot-com era. Weblogs, Inc., his second business venture, was a publishing company that he co-founded with Brian Alvey. They capitalized on the popularity of blogs before selling the company to AOL. Calacanis is not only the co-host of the All-In Podcast and This Week in Firms Podcast, but he is also an angel investor in a number of different technological startups.

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