Jase Robertson Net Worth

How much is Jase Robertson worth?

Net Worth:$10 Million
Date of Birth:August 16, 1969
Country:United States of America
1.83 m

Who Is Jase Robertson

Jase Robertson, whose real name is Jason Silas Robertson, is an American businessman and television personality. He spent most of his adulthood on various hunting expeditions and eventually developed the same passion as his father to be a duck hunter.

He rose to popularity in the early 2010s after the premiere of the reality television shows “Duck Commander” and “Duck Dynasty”. In addition to starring in the A&R television series, Robertson is also the COO of the brand “Duck Commander”, which manufactures duck calls and duck-hunting merchandise.

American TV star and COO of the business Duck Commander Jase Robertson has a net worth of $10 million dollars, as of 2021.

How Did Jase Robertson Get So Rich?

Jase Robertson became rich after he began working professionally as a duck hunter. Working for the “Duck Commander” company alongside his brother, helped Robertson obtain millions of dollars in no time. Despite the multi-million dollar business being headed by his younger brother, Jase was still able to earn more than $1 million in his twenties thanks to the duck calls and duck-hunting merchandise.

Throughout the 2000s and 2010s, he continued to work for the company and in 2008, he joined the eponymous television show that aired on Outdoor Channel. Thanks to all of this, by 2010, his net worth grew to $5 million. In 2012, it was announced that the Robertson family will star in their own television series titled “Duck Dynasty”. The series focused on the lives of the family members and their family-operated business.

The series slowly grew millions of viewers in its first three seasons and eventually hit nearly 12 million viewers when its fourth season premiered. In the show, Jase Robertson appeared in all 130 episodes from March 2012 to March 2017, and because of all of this, his net worth now exceeds $10 million.

Why Is He So Famous?

The popular television series “Duck Dynasty” is the reason why Jase Robertson is so famous. He was born on August 16, 1969, in Bernice, Louisiana. He’s the son of Phil and Marsha Robertson, with his father already being one of the most well-known hunters in the state and, also being popular for being the town’s Duck Commander.

Robertson spent most of his childhood with his father on various hunting expeditions trying to learn more about the family’s passion for duck hunting. During his teen years, he developed an interest in hunting and, to further adapt to this lifestyle, Jase spent most of his time in the woods and he missed as many school days as the Louisiana law allows.

After high school, he graduated from a Bible college in the mid-1990s and found a job in ministry, where he worked part-time for two years. Shortly after he left, he joined the family business and became the company’s first paid worker. Around the same time, he became interested in working as a hunter, and by the 2000s, alongside his younger brother Willie, he began hunting. By the early 2000s, he was already a professional hunter with the necessary knowledge and experience.

What Makes Jase Successful?

What makes the duck hunter so successful are his unique appearance, daring personality, and truly spectacular hunting skills. Now more than ever, he continues to help the family business thrive and succeed and is the chief operating officer of “Duck Commander”, making sure every duck call is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Also, since 2012 he has taken part in various television productions – films, television series, and even reality shows.

His first appearance on a television series, apart from “Duck Commander” and “Duck Dynasty”, was on an episode of “Fox and Friends” from October 2012. Among some of his (other) most notable appearances are in “Larry Now”, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, “The Insider”, “The Doctors”, and “Celebrity Page”.

Besides the aforementioned “Duck Commander” and “Duck Dynasty”, as part of the Robertson clan, Jase has also starred in other television series and spin-offs such as “Jep and Jessica”, “Going Si-ral”, and “Into the Woods With Phil”.


Jason Robertson is one of the most familiar faces on A&E thanks to his work in the “Duck Dynasty” television series. Shortly after the release of the first two seasons, the show amassed more than 11 million viewers, which further boosted Robertson’s popularity and wealth. As of 2021, he is followed by nearly 5 million people on all of his social media accounts and remains one of the most influential figures in Louisiana.

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