Janet Jackson Net Worth

How much is Janet Jackson worth?

Net Worth:$190 Million
Profession:Professional Singer
Date of Birth:May 16, 1966
Country:United States of America
1.63 m

The youngest one in the Jackson family, Janet, didn’t let her brothers’ fame overshadow her. She’s one of the best selling recording artists of all time and has an acting career to boot.

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Who Is Janet Jackson

Despite being born into one of the most famous musical families, the notoriously private, singing, dancing diva has managed to keep out of any scandals involving her personal life. Janet Jackson may not be the declared queen of R&B to match her brother’s King of Pop title, but her influence and presence within the industry is as vast as her megawatt smile.

Janet Damita Jo Jackson is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer. She was born on May 16th, 1966 in Gary, Indiana, and is the 10th and youngest daughter of Joe and Katherine Jackson, parents to legendary king of pop, Michael Jackson, and the Jackson 5.

We calculate Janet Jackson has a net worth of $190 million dollars, as of 2021.


In a family with talent bursting at the seams, Janet worked hard for the spotlight even at a young age. Growing up in Gary, Indiana, she was the youngest of a set of musically gifted children known as The Jackson 5. At the age of seven, she made her singing debut with The Jackson 5, performing at venues like the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. With her spunky personality and soulful voice, Janet’s star potential was evident.  

She diverted three years later to pursue acting with roles in Good Times and Diff’rent Strokes. But her father, who was her manager, encouraged her to pursue singing. She signed with A&M records and released her first album, Janet Jackson, in 1981 at the age of 14. The following year, she released Dream Street, both of which didn’t fare well with listeners or critics.  

New Directions

With two duds behind her, Janet sought a new manager who introduced her to two producers who would change her career: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. It was instant gold. They released Control, which sold over five million copies, won four American Music Awards and received a Grammy nod for Album of the Year. Janet was suddenly a star.  

The trio worked on Rhythm Nation 1814, which garnered a Grammy award for Best Long Form Music Video and made her the first artist to produce seven top five hits off one album. The album sold over six million copies, which propelled Janet on her first major tour. She then signed a humble contract with Virgin Records—a whopping $50 million to produce three to five albums. Janet had officially made it.  

Can’t Be Stopped

Janet’s career was on fire—she was featured topless with only her boyfriend at the time’s hands covering her chest on one of the most iconic covers in Rolling Stone history. She teamed up with her brother Michael Jackson to produce one of the most expensive music videos for his single ‘Scream.’ It took $7 million to produce and won a Grammy for the Best Short Form Video.  

Janet then went on to create some of the best R&B songs with heavyweights such as Luther Vandross, Busta Rhymes, and Justin Timberlake. In 2001, Janet Jackson was the first to receive an MTV ICON Award. In total, Janet has released over a dozen albums, all of which have generated hit singles and infectious hooks. Her album All for You sold 600,000 copies in its first week.  

But trading in one kind of studio for another, Janet didn’t lose her passion for acting along the way. She’s worked on several movies such as Poetic Justice (alongside Tupac Shakur), Why Did I Get Married? and For Colored Girls.  

But things went from flash success to an actual flashing at Superbowl XXXVIII in 2004. Performing alongside Timberlake in a highly publicized halftime show, Justin was supposed to rip off a part of Janet’s costume. But, apparently a bit overzealous, Justin pulled off the entirety of the costume covering Janet’s right breast. The scandal (planned or accidental) resulted in a public backlash, Janet withdrawing from performing in that year’s Grammy Awards and the terms “wardrobe malfunction” and “Nipplegate” becoming a part of the American lexicon.    

Someone To Call My Lover

Although she isn’t a pro at keeping her breasts to herself, Janet is a pro at keeping her personal life (for the most part) out of the tabloids. In 1984 Janet was briefly married to James DeBarge, before the marriage was annulled a year later after pressure from her parents. Seven years later she tried her hand at marriage once again with songwriter Rene Elizondo, who reportedly helped her write Rhythm Nation and was the man behind the hands featured on the famous Rolling Stone cover. But they too divorced in 2000. Two years later, Janet was linked to Hip Hop producer Jermaine Dupri but the two R&B greats couldn’t take the relationship to the next level. Cougar alert: Janet is currently seeing Wissam Al Mana, a businessman who is 10 years her junior.  

With love comes loss and Janet’s heartbreak was evident with the loss of brother Michael due to a prescription drug overdose in 2009. Overwhelmed with grief, Janet bravely made an appearance three days later with her father at the BET Awards to honor Michael.  

Back In Control

But Janet wasn’t at a standstill for too long. The resilient songstress is tackling several projects including her upcoming worldwide tour, a new album, and publishing self-esteem and diet book, True You.  

Although she was the littlest Jackson, Janet proved that she could play with the boys. She’s been a driving force behind the Jackson empire and will surely play a major role in the musical family’s legacy.  

What makes her so successful?

Janet has always had the audacity to take necessary and calculated risks. In the end, they paid off. When she decided to strike out on her own, away from her manager-father, she got the freedom to express herself the best way she knew how. Her elaborate stage presence and sexually provocative songs became her signature traits. We can credit her famous family name for putting her in the spotlight from a tender age of seven, but her success came to be defined by her being able to come out from the shadows of her famous family and onto her own. Her almost topless appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone is perhaps the quintessential photo of Janet Jackson, sealing her position in the music industry as a role model and sex-symbol.

Janet’s creativity and boldness made her stand out among her peers. Her innovative fusion of dance-pop, hip-hop, and RNB lead to the emergence of the “new jack swing” genre. Her success did not come as a surprise to those who really knew her. And she’s still got the juice, with millions of followers and dates fully booked months in advance.

Janet Jackson has performed alongside artists like Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston.

How did Janet Jackson get so rich?

Janet Jackson’s career has been nothing less than exceptional. This goes both ways, in music released and financially. Her exploits in the studio and on-set acting have swelled her bank accounts. She currently has a reported net worth of $190 million dollars, although her work in music, acting, and publishing have generated over a billion dollars over the span of her career to date. So how did Janet get so wealthy? Sit tight, here’s the breakdown.

Most of her millions came from album sales. Janet has sold over 100 million album copies in her career. Her contract in 1991 was record-breaking financially. The multi-million dollar agreement put her on the spot as the highest-paid artist at the time. Her 2nd album sold over 10 million copies worldwide, and that was in 1986. The 4th album, Rhythm Nation became the best selling album of 1990, selling over 12 million copies and becoming platinum that same year. Her well-choreographed music videos captivated fans and tremendously increased viewership of the MTV channel.

The Rhythm Nation Tour of 1990 became the most successful debut tour in history. The famous Tokyo Dome in Japan sold out in record time when ticket sales were announced. The record deal she signed in 1991 with Virgin Records was estimated to be between $32-35 million dollars. She officially became the best-paid artist in the world and also cemented her place as the queen of pop. She renewed her contract and moved up to $80 million dollars, rivaling even her late brother Michael and Madonna at the time.

Album number 5 sold 14 million copies worldwide in 1993. Poetic Justice was Janet’s debut film featuring the legendary rap icon Tupac Shakur. The film grossed $27 million dollars. Janet continued with her on-screen endeavors and appeared in Nutty Professor II in 2000 ($166.3 million dollars) box office, Why Did I Get Married?, Why Did I Get Married Too and For Colored Girls.

Janet Jackson made approximately $458 million dollars from various sold-out concerts, $268 million dollars in album sales, $304 million dollars from TV and movie roles as well as $81 million in deals and endorsements.

During all these years of hard work and success, Janet Jackson managed to achieve quite a number of accolades. Among them is the proud moment when she received the “The Hollywood Walk of Fame” for her artistry and philanthropic work.


  • 4-Grammy Awards
  • 9-MTV Music Video Awards
  • 1-Billboard Icon Award
  • 2-NAACP Image Awards
  • 9-America Music Awards
  • 5-Soul Train Awards
  • 1-World Music Legend Award
  • 1-Mnet Asian Music Awards
  • 1-Radio Disney Music Awards
  • 1-Kids Choice Wannabe Awards
  • 1-BET Ultimate Icon Award

Why is she so famous?

Some people may say that Janet was born famous thanks to her influential musical family, but nothing comes that easy. There are lots of people born in similar circumstances who don’t reach such unprecedented success. A huge figure in pop culture, Janet Jackson started out as a young actress together with older siblings. This was in 1976, she was just 10 years old. A year later in 1977, she would be chosen to play a starring role in a comedy sitcom, Good Times. With ever-increasing stardom she again starred in a TV show, A New Kind of Family before landing a recurring role in the show Different Strokes which she starred for three seasons. Janet later appeared in the 4th season of Fame but would later drop out due to technical differences with the program management

When Janet was 16, she signed her first professional musical contract with A&M Records. This was after her father, who was her manager, pulled some strings. In 1982, her debut album was released. The album titled Janet Jackson was produced by 4 producers, closely supervised by her strict father. It hit the Billboard Top 200, settling at number 63. On RNB charts it peaked at number 6. Her success from this album placed her as the highest-ranking female vocalist of 1983.

Two years in the music industry, Janet released her 2nd studio album, Dream Street. It reached number 147 on Billboard Top 200 and number 19 on RNB chart. One single that really stood out in this second album was Don’t Stand Another Chance. At this point, her genre was dominantly pop. Janet would go on to release 9 more albums, Control (1986), Rhythm Nation (1989), Janet (1993), The Velvet Rope (1997), All For You (2001), Damita Jo (2004), 20 Y.O (2006), Discipline (2008) and Unbreakable (2016), collaborating with different producers outside of her manager-father.

Recognized as very innovative in her music, the support Janet received from her family cannot, however, be downplayed. She had an early platform that many upcoming artists can only dream of.


As the youngest sibling to the star-studded Jackson’s family, Janet has certainly done enough to warrant her own place in history. From stage acting at 8 years to releasing a debut album at 16, her start in the industry is unparalleled. The millions of records sold over the years, the sold-out concerts, the multiple awards, and the influence she wielded even before the generation of social media, is a feat that few can replicate. Known also to be a philanthropist who gives back to the less fortunate, her star will continue to shine bright.

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