Jamie O’Brien Net Worth

As one of the most talented surfers in the world, Jamie O’Brien doesn’t have a shortage of endorsement deals. Even his house in Hawaii has a huge Red Bull logo outside. O’Brien made a nice fortune with his favorite sport. As of 2021, his total net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. Let’s take a look on how he achieved such success.

How Did Jamie O’Brien Get So Rich?

Jamie was born June 9, 1983 in Hawaii. This island state is a paradise for surfers and it definitely shaped Jamie’s destiny. His father worked as a life guard, another reason to stay close to the ocean. O’Brien is one of the youngest surfers that ever won a Pipe Masters.

But his high net worth originates form much more than prizes and endorsement deals. O’Brien produced two movies about surfing, played in Hollywood’s Blue Crush, and also has his own YouTube show that’s called Who is J.O.B.

Jamie’s biggest sponsors include Nectar Sunglasses and Red Bull. The latter company equipped his beach house with awning, bar tables, beach umbrella, and even a custom-built jacuzzi. Red Bull also produces his YouTube show.

O’Brien is dating a hot girl with Asian ancestry. His girlfriend’s name is Alyssa. In 2015, Jamie caught media attention when he did dangerous stunt. He was surfing with burning wetsuit. He had literally flames on him while surfing. What a crazy guy!

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