Jamie Lidell Net Worth

“When I was a kid I didn’t really give a sh*t about music. But when it came time to decide if I was cool or not, I chose Prince, which made me really uncool. That put me really on the fringes of popularity, to say the least. It was pretty damn uncool to be into ‘the funk,’ but I felt it.” — Jamie Lidell to Marquee magazine

How much is Jamie Lidell worth?

Net Worth:$5 Million
Profession:Professional Musician
Date of Birth:September 18, 1973 (age 48)
Country:United Kingdom

About Jamie Lidell

On September 18, 1973, Jamie Alexander Lidderdale, also known as Jamie Lidell, was born in England. He is a musician, soul singer, and podcast presenter with a reputed net worth of $5 million. Lidell grew up loving music because he comes from a musical household. His mother played the trombone, xylophone, and drums in school as a child in addition to singing professionally with various orchestras.

When he was a little older, Jamie picked up the electric guitar and developed a taste for electronic dance music from the 1980s. He purchased a drum machine, synthesizer, and amplifier. He then used a four-track tape recorder to record his own music in his bedroom, frequently overdubbing his own vocals on top of the instrumentals.

English musician and soul singer Jamie Lidell has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars, as of 2023. Lidell was formerly a part of Super Collider.

Developing His Trade

After missing six months of school due to a severe case of glandular fever, Lidell moved to Bristol to study physics in his late teens. However, he opted not to return to the science program and enrolled in philosophical studies instead. Lidell relocated to London in the middle of the 1990s, where he met Jason Leach and Phil Wells of the band Subhead. Lidell has said that working with Subhead taught him how to perform on stage and about the process of digital audio editing. He relocated once more in the late 1990s, this time from London to Brighton.

Going it alone

Together with the Chilean producer Cristian Vogel, he founded the techno-electronic music duo Super Collider in Brighton. In addition to a large number of singles, Super Collider also created the albums Head On (1999) and Raw Digits (2002). Lidell continued to develop solo works in the interim. In 2000, Muddlin’ Gear, his debut electronic record, was released. Lidell’s vocal delivery changed over time to become considerably more soulful, beginning with his ground-breaking 2005 album Multiply. Since then, both traditional and contemporary Soul music have had a significant influence on his solo work, with some of his unique electronic sound incorporated.

It Was Clear

2015 saw Lidell appear on the song “Clean” by Big Data, which was also used as the soundtrack for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Jamie then issued his seventh studio album, Building a Beginning, in 2016. He used the single “Walk Right Back” to promote the album. Jamie Lidell’s net worth is projected to reach $5 million as of 2023. Additionally, he is the host of the podcast Hanging Out With Audiophiles. It includes discussions on recording methods and the creative process as well as interviews with musicians.

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