Jace Norman Net Worth

Young American actor Jace Norman started his professional career in 2012 and already gained wide recognition. He also received some decent salaries for his roles. As of 2021, Norman’s current net worth is about $800,000. Large portion of his income originated from television series Henry Danger.

How Did Jace Norman Get So Rich?

Jace was born March 21, 2000 in Corrales, New Mexico. When he was a small kid, his family moved to California. Norman’s first role was Finch on Disney series called Jessie. His career took a pretty fast pace since then. He appeared on Deadtime Stories, Splitting Adam, and The Dumb Show.

In 2014, he received so far his biggest role as Henry Hart on Henry Danger. It’s a main character on Nickelodeon’s superhero situation comedy show. He was even nominated for Kids’ Choice Award for it. Although still a teenager, Jace has thriving career in show business.

He has two siblings, brother Xander and sister Glory. His net worth and fame is likely to grow further. In 2016, Norman is supposed to play Rufus on the movie of the same name and also provide voice for movie Spark. We wish him luck in his future career.

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