Ivy Calvin Net Worth

How much is Ivy Calvin worth?

Net Worth:$1.5 Million
Profession:Professional TV Actor
Date of Birth:September 10, 1971
Country:United States of America
1.83 m

Who is Ivy Calvin

Reality star Ivy Calvin is known as one of the new buyers on TV show Storage Wars. He is making the money thanks to an incredible sense of buying storage units at advantageous prices and selling them smartly. As of 2021, Ivy Calvin’s estimated net worth is currently about $1.5 million, and we also know who is his wife and other interesting facts.

Ivy Calvin was born on September 10th, 1971, in California. He is a former football player and MMA fighter. During his football career, he played Cal State Northridge’s linebacker, making it successfully to the Arena Football League. His wife’s name is Wendy Calvin. Currently, he enjoys fishing and hunting together with his sons.

Calvin is a really experienced buyer thanks to many years of attending auctions in a number of places all over the USA. He was also selling himself at different swap meets and flea markets. He is the owner of Grandma’s Attic Thrift Shop in Palmdale California, being nicknamed as The King of Palmdale.

Storage Wars premiered in December 2010 on A&E Networks. People who rent a storage unit for some time, sometimes stop paying for it. And according to laws, owner of the unit is often allowed to sell the content of it in an public auction. Calvin was a season 3 part-time cast member at first. Then he appeared in season 4 as a recurring character. Since season 5, you could see him as one of the main bidders on the show.

How did Ivy Calvins get rich?

Ivy’s uncanny sense of buying up storage units abandoned by people who have stopped paying. He would then sell its contents in a yard sale, making good money from it. His appearance on the television show Storage Wars also helps him add to his net worth.

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