How much is Helen Mirren worth?

Net Worth:$50 Million
Profession:Professional Actress
Date of Birth:July 26, 1945
Country:United Kingdom
1.63 m

Who Is Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is an Academy Award winning actress who has straddled the line between action-heroin and the saving grace of independent cinema for most of her career. Though she didn’t become a part of the hollywood elite that we currently know her as until she was in her fifties, the actress has been turning in award winning roles since the 1970s. And having seemingly gone through a typical actress’ career in reverse, as she was acting in period dramas at the start of her tenure as an actor, she is now wrecking havoc in Fast and Furious movies at over 70 years old.

As of 2020, Helen Mirren has a net worth of $50 million dollars.

How Did Helen Mirren Get So Rich?

Mirren, despite her prestige and notoriety of a classy high-caliber actress, jumped on board with the crew of the Fast and Furious franchise. Despite how kitsch a movie franchise like that would seem to an actress of her stature, those movies have become so popular and there’s too much money in it not to turn it down, as Fast and Furious movies basically print money. For her role in the eighth entry in the series, The Fate Of The Furious, Mirren was paid $2.1 million dollars, and that was all for five days work, as that’s the total amount of time she spent on set. For somebody who is so vocal about equal pay in the industry, it’s safe to say that that’s one hurdle successfully jumped over. The actress also starred in the spin-off movie, Hobbs and Shaw, and she will feature in the ninth entry in the series too.

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Mirren has become somewhat of a go-to voice actress for major animated studios. Though the salaries for these upcoming films are undisclosed, they perform outrageously well at the box office. In The Prince Of Egypt, an animated retelling of the story of Moses, she voiced the titular character’s mother, and the film earned almost $220 million. And most recently in the world of animation, Mirren voiced a prominent character in Monsters University, the long awaited sequel to Monsters Inc. the film was one of Pixar’s biggest successes, grossing over one billion dollars worldwide. Based on these box office figures alone, Mirren would have been paid millions for each each role.

Why Is She So Famous?

Mirren had starred in several movies made for television and theatrical movies with microscopic budgets at the beginning of her career, but despite those films’ varying degrees of quality, there was one constant throughout all of them, which was the vibrant on-screen talent of Mirren. It’s through virtually unknown films like Excalibur and Hussythat scored Mirren leading roles alongside the likes of Harrison Ford in The Mosquito Coast. But it wasn’t until the 2000’s at the ripe age of 55, when the actress would get the fame she had earned decades beforehand.

The Actress’ most successful movie not tied to a series is The Queen, a film in which Mirren played the titular character and made over $120 million. The film was not only a success among audiences, but the Academy too, as she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for playing Queen Elizabeth. The movie was so successful, in fact, that it went on to spawn a spin-off television show produced by Netflix called The Crown, which has currently wrapped filming on its fourth season.

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In the years following The Queen, Mirren embraced her newly found stature as a movie star and took on roles more action oriented. She starred in movies with typical action heroes including Nicolas Cage and Bruce Willis in National Treasure: Book of Secrets and Red, respectively. The National Treasure sequel made $450 million, and Red and its sequel have made $350 million collectively. These movies certified her as a movie star and she became known worldwide instead of by movie buffs and the niche fanbase of British dramas.

For a woman in her 70s, taking up a role in such a high-octane movie might be a little worrying, but Mirren has made a big deal about wanting a role in the Fast and Furious series as she has a need for speed and a guilty pleasure for fast cars. The movie wasn’t just fulfilling a passion of hers, but it made her far richer than she already was and it became the highest grossing movie of her career.

What Makes Mirren So Successful?

The gender pay gap is prevalent in Hollywood and women are paid less than their male peers almost more than any other industry, and Mirren has been extremely vocal about the pay gap in Hollywood more than almost anyone. She was even critical of it many years before people started seeing it as a real issue. As Mirren has always blamed agents for the pay gap in the movie industry, Mirren is one of the few who have overcome the issue that more people are only now starting to battle, and she has been paid as much as her male costars in most cases.

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Even when the actress stars in Hollywood movies, Mirren continues to play a classy British lady. She has become typecast but not from any forces other than her own, as she is in complete control of the way people perceive her. Even when playing a character in something as high concept as a Fast and Furious movie, Mirren still chooses to use her unchanged British accent, which is one of the many reasons why she is adored.

Though Mirren has the opportunity to work with the biggest actors in the world and is undoubtedly offered roles in some of the most sought after movies, the actress sticks to her roots, and continuously stars in low budget, but highly acclaimed British dramas. It is almost as if Mirren takes roles in the odd blockbuster movie so that she can afford to star in smaller films that reward her with more screen time and meatier roles.


As Helen Mirren has made expert choices in what blockbuster movies to star in, and elegantly continues her pursuit of starring in wonderful independent movies, the actress has become both a Hollywood movie star and a critical darling. It is for that reason that she has an estimated net worth of $50 million. The actress has a busy schedule ahead of her, as she has just starred in yet another animated movie, The One And Only Ivan, which was recently released on Disney+, it doesn’t slow down. The Actress will star in The Duke, a potential awards contender, and of course, F9, the next instalment in the Fast and Furious franchise.

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