Harry Weller Net Worth

Venture capitalist Harry Weller was a general partner in startup investment firm called New Enterprise Associates (NEA). That is an early stage investment company with stakes in many promising IT start-ups. In the past, Weller was among first investors in Groupon. As of 2021, Harry Weller’s net worth was estimated to be over $150 million and we know some interesting details from his life.

Weller received his MBA degree at prestigious Harvard Business School. He was a pilot in the U.S. Navy before joining NEA, renowned venture capital and private equity fund. He was finding promising start-ups to invest in and made many excellent decision. Forbes regularly placed him on their Midas List.

He invested for example in language learning app DuoLingo, niche cybersecurity company Sourcefire, and video game developer CCP Games. Weller also sat at many boards, such as Appian, DataRobot, ScienceLogic, Suniva, and SolidFire. During it’s existence, NEA already invested total of nearly $17 billion.

Harry was married and had two kids. He died suddenly in November 2016 and the cause of his death was publicly explained yet which leads to many speculations. Raising capital for business won’t be the same after he left and Silicon Valley will mourn his death for a long time.

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Written by Victoria Rothstein

Victoria Rothstein entered the financial industry in 2002 and worked with an investment firm in Singapore until 2014. After more than ten years and as a shareholder as well as an executive, she left to focus on her own investments. Originally from New York she continues to live and work within emerging markets. Hong Kong is now her base, yet she is also often in Thailand, Indonesia and mainland China.

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