Greg Kihn Net Worth

How much is Greg Kihn worth?

Net Worth:$10 Million
Profession:Professional Musician
Date of Birth:July 10, 1949
Country:United States of America

About Greg Kihn

Greg Kihn, a singer-songwriter and guitarist who had relocated to the Bay Area from his homeland, first appeared on the San Francisco music scene in the middle of the 1970s. After relocating to California, Kihn worked as a house painter, a street singer, and a record store clerk at Rather Ripped Records in Berkeley with guitarist for Earth Quake and future bandmate Gary Phillips.

American rock musician, radio personality, and novelist Greg Kihn has an estimated net worth of $10 million dollars, as of 2023. Kihn’s early influence was The Beatles, especially their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Kihn started his own band with a straightforward, straightforward approach to mainstream rock and steadily started to establish a reputation for melodic music that avoided the overly complex approach favored by most contemporary mid-’70s rock. Along with Jonathan Richman, Earth Quake, and The Rubinoos, Kihn contributed to creating the label’s distinctive style, which served as a counterpoint to the era’s prog rock.

Despite not notably changing his sound in the wake of punk rock, Kihn was a successful pop/rock musician during the new wave era. Following a few 1980s singles, moderate stardom developed.

Young Years

Kihn developed a straightforward, working-class style of pop music by absorbing the melodic sensibility and diverse spirit of 1960s rock as a child. He arrived in the Californian Bay Area at a good moment and quickly obtained a record deal with prominent Beserkley Records. Along with labelmates Jonathan Richman and The Rubinoos, Kihn developed a bit of an outsiders’ attitude toward rock music and paid very little attention to the prevailing musical trends. This strategy persisted for the duration of the 1970s, and a tireless touring attitude assisted in steadily but surely developing a sizable cult following.

Years of 1980s Hitmaking

Although Kihn released studio albums at an astonishingly regular rate, it took him some time to establish himself on the pop charts. In actuality, “The Girl Most Likely,” a song from 1981’s Rockihnroll, was his debut single entry on the Billboard charts. The 1980s classic “The Breakup Song (They Don’t Write ‘Em)” which peaked at No. 15 that same year, was the first song to achieve success, though. By creating another pop song, the guitar-driven but danceable “Jeopardy,” in 1983, Kihn managed to shed the stigma of being a dreaded “one-hit wonder.” Even if the decade’s music scene would see no further significant achievements, this was nevertheless a respectable high point.

Later Career & Diversification

Excuse the pun, but Kihn continued to release albums up until 1986, capping a run of 12 years straight since 1975 in which he released one album per year. Aside from his ironically titled final Top 40 pop success in 1985, “Lucky,” Kihn had a rapidly dwindling fortune on the charts. However, he continued to center his musical endeavors on his original songwriting, occasionally adding well-chosen covers. The fact that Kihn didn’t put out an album until 1992’s Kihn of Hearts didn’t stop him from fading into pop music obscurity, but Kihn had other skills up his sleeve.

Renaissance Man: Novels & Radio

Kihn merely shifted into other show business jobs rather than dwelling on his earlier 1980s rock accomplishments. He has been a morning DJ for a San Jose radio station since 1996, for instance, and has managed to write four horror books in the meanwhile. Fans of ’80s music have continued to enjoy Kihn’s competent output over the years, and a closer examination reveals that this performer was also among the best mainstream rockers of the era.

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