Global Rich List

Welcome to the Global Rich List (GRL) for 2020 brought to you by MoneyNet and our associates. Here you can find the world’s wealthiest people across different industries from Hollywood to Wall Street to the richest CEOs and top TV personalities. With have it all.

Richest Actors

Here you can find our index of the richest actors in the world; from Hollywood to Bollywood, from the UK to Australia, here are the very wealthiest actors of all time.

Top 3 Richest Actors

Richest Actresses

The highest-paid actresses in the world earn tens of millions of dollars a year. Here in this category of the site you can find the richest actresses of them all.

Top 3 Richest Actresses

Richest Athletes

Athletes are some of the highest earning people in modern society. From soccer stars to the NFL, NBA and more, discover the wealthiest athletes of all time.

Richest Authors

Whether it’s ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Along Came a Spider’ — you’ll never believe how much top authors earn. Dive into the world of the richest authors ever known.

Richest Bodybuilders

Bigger isn’t always better in Bodybuilding yet richer always is. Here are most successful bodybuilders of our time.