George Hamilton Net Worth

Famous Hollywood star George Hamilton played for example in Love at First Bite, Jack of Diamonds, and The Godfather Part III. His numerous roles brought him not only fame but also a huge wealth. Hamilton’s net worth is estimated to be slightly over $20 million as of 2021. He’s also known as being very successful with women.

How Did George Hamilton Get So Rich?

George was born August 12, 1939 in Memphis, Tennessee. As a teenager, he was already a pretty known actor. In the following years, he often played lover roles and this image got transferred into his real life. He date many attractive women. Hamilton himself claimed in I’m A Celebrity show that he had dated 4 Miss Worlds.

List of his ex girlfriends includes for example Lynda Bird Johnson, Karen Jensen, Morgan Fairchild, and Danielle Steel. From 1972 til 1976, Hamilton was married to Alana Stewart. She’s the only love of his life that managed to bring him to the altar although they later got divorced.

In 2012, Hamilton was selling his luxurious Waterview Towers bachelor pad. The asking price was $900,000. During his long a successful career, George owned also for example Douglas Fairbanks’ and Charlie Chaplain’s homes. The largest of his real estate properties had 39 rooms. Well, that’s definitely one way to enjoy your stellar net worth.

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