How much is Gennady Golovkin worth?

Net Worth:$30 Million
Profession:Professional Boxer
Date of Birth:April 8, 1982
1.79 m

Who Is Gennady Golovkin

When one is talking about modern day knockout artists surely at the very top of the list has to be the relentlessly vicious Gennady Golovkin or “GGG” as he has now come to be known. In an age where it seems top level fighters really need to go out and talk trash to promote themselves to draw in the pay per view numbers and get the big paydays, this man shuns that way of doing business entirely. Instead he opts to do the talking with his iron fits and conducts himself as a gentleman, an admirable trait in a fighter.

Today Gennady Golovkin has a net worth of $30 million dollars in 2020.

In a way that trait almost reminds me of Miguel Cotto, that almost stoic bravery in which he operates under. Ironically that’s a fight I’d absolutely love to see now that the two both hold legitimate world titles at the 160 lbs weight limit. Imagine the carnage that would ensue between Cotto’s wicked body attacks and GGG’s crippling one punch power. I tend to think GGG would have too much for Miguel at this point in his career but what a fight it would be at Madison Square Garden!

Golovkin in a short space of time has really seemed to develop a reputation not only in global boxing for his ferocious power but also within his own peers’ circles, among the fighters themselves. In interviews I’ve watched in recent times when fighters are asked about what they think about GGG, all of them to a man have nothing but positive things to say about the guy, which is a rare thing to see in such a macho game. This is testament to not only his ability and ominous power but also the fact he’s a very likeable guy who speaks well and seems to have time for everyone. This combination has catapulted him into the spotlight in recent years and rightly so in my opinion.

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In a recent bout he had with Daniel Geale another thing struck me besides the awesome power and excellent technical ability. There was a point in the fight just before Golovkin took him out in the third, when Geale connected with an absolute peach of a punch and I mean peach. When the fight was shown again back on replay in slow motion you could actually see the torch and power Geale got into the shot and the amazing thing was Golovkin literally within the space of a second took the shot and was coming back with his own punch and followed through to knock Geale out. The incredible thing that struck me was how such a perfectly timed power shot from an elite level professional fighter like Geale simply had no effect on Golovkin whatsoever, so much so that while mid way through throwing a shot himself, he lost none of the sting on the blow which proved to be decisive in his favor.

There seems like a multitude of potential classic fights out there for GGG at the moment. He could stay at middleweight and take on the likes of Cotto, Peter Quillin or even Canelo might step up in the near future to take him on. On the other hand he could also move up to super middleweight and take on the likes of warriors such as Froch or Chavez Jr, fights that could make for some gruesome viewing. I believe he has the ability to move up and if recent stories about him breaking a rib of George Groves in sparring are anything to go by, he just might do so over the next couple of years.

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