Gayle King Net Worth

How much is Gayle King worth?

Net Worth:$40 Million
Profession:Professional TV Personality
Date of Birth:December 28, 1954
Country:United States of America
1.78 m

Who Is Gayle King

Gayle King is an African American woman who was born on December 28, 1954. Ms.King was very commonly known for her acquaintances with Oprah Winfrey. They were said to be best friends and Gayle was known as Oprah’s sidekick. Prior to Ms. King and Ms. Winfrey becoming friends, Gayle was very well established as a news reporter and also a talk show host.

Born in Maryland, Gayle King grew up in Turkey and Maryland due to her father being stationed in Turkey during his time in the military. During her stay in Maryland, Gayle studied Psychology and sociology and earned a degree from both subjects at the University of Maryland. Eventually, Gayle King found herself getting involved in broadcasting as a news reporter for Kansas City Missouri television station. Similar to Oprah, Gayle King was a talk show host as well as a co-host for a live show called cover to cover.

Co-anchor of CBS This Morning alongside Charlie Rose and Norah O’Donnell. She is also editor-at-large for the Oprah Winfrey magazine, O. As of 2021, Gayle King has a net worth of $40 million dollars.

How did Gayle King earn her net worth?

Gayle King wrote so many letters to the Oprah Winfrey show she finally made it as a special correspondent. In 1991, the talk show called Cover to Cover on NBC with Robin Wagner had Gayle King as a special cohost for a short period of time. This lasted only 13 weeks before it was canceled. During 1997, Ms. Gayle finally made an offer to have her own syndicated talk show called The Gayle King Show. After a season of the show, due to a low rating, The Gayle King Show was canceled. In September of 2006, the XM Satellite Radio allowed Gayle to host her show on their station.

Moving on into Gayle’s life, she became a member of the CBS News company. Prior to that, she was cohosting on Good Morning America tv station. Eventually, she received a job as an anchor on the CBS Morning News.

Significance to the Media Industry

While Gayle King is the best friend and a business associate of Oprah Winfrey’s, she has not been content with remaining in Winfrey’s shadow. King has forged her own career in both television and print media.

It hasn’t always been easy for King. While she moved up the ladder of local television in reaching a bigger DMA with each move, her ventures into national television haven’t always been successful.

A show she co-hosted on NBC and her own syndicated talk show were both canceled in the 1990s. But she landed at O, The Oprah Magazine as an editor while she continued seeking positions in TV.

King’s relationship with Winfrey led to her getting her own show called The Gayle King Show on Winfrey’s cable TV channel OWN in 2011. Shortly afterward, King was offered the co-anchor position on CBS This Morning, which was undergoing a massive format change at the time.

King’s significance is due partially to her perseverance. Others would have simply resigned themselves to be the best friend of a superstar without realizing their own full potential. In King’s case, the friendship with Winfrey helped her, but King also dedicated herself to working hard. That’s a lesson that should be studied by anyone considering the pros and cons of media careers.

Gayle King’s Early Career

Unlike some national news personalities who started at the network level or in a major market, Gayle King started her career in local TV, moving her way slowly upward. She first worked as a reporter and anchor at WDAF in Kansas City before working for other stations which led to her landing an anchor job in Hartford, Connecticut.

Also unlike some who work in media and who jump across the country, never spending much time anywhere, King was satisfied with staying put for awhile. She remained in Hartford for 18 years, which would have ingrained her in the community. That’s not an experience many people who work in local TV ever experience.

Gayle King has won three Emmy Awards for her work in television. She’s also been honored for her work in radio.

Why is she so famous?

Gayle King’s career started when she became an assistant for production for the WJZ-TV program in Baltimore, Maryland. There she met Oprah Winfrey and was able to learn some tips from Oprah who was the station’s anchor for the day. Later in Washington, DC, Ms. Gayle King began training as a reporter for WUSA-TV productions. When Gayle King’s assignment at WJZ-TV productions was complete she relocated to Kansas City, Missouri where she became an anchor and a general assignment reporter over the weekend for WDAF-TV. When the WFSB noticed Ms.Gayle’s hard work and expertise in news reporting they hired her as a news anchor in Hartford, Connecticut. King worked for WFSB for 18 years and became a permanent news anchor. The majority of that time in 1981, Gayle lived in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

What makes her so successful?

Gayle was a close friend of Oprah Winfrey. The majority of Ms. King’s knowledge came from Oprah as a mentor. It was one of Gayle King’s most passionate dreams to become a news reporter. In 2018, Gayle received recognition for her hard work and dedication when she was mentioned as an expertise in the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame. During 2019, Gayle King became very noticeable in the Time Magazine as one of the most influential people amongst many others. Shortly after former basketball star, Kobe Bryant’s death, Gayle recieved alot of social criticism due to her interview with Lisa Leslie where she deliberately brought up Kobe Bryant’s accusations of sexual assualt from female victims. Most of the social criticism came directly from famous rapper, Snoop Dogg, who was later able to apologize to Ms. Gayle for the way he handled things.


Gayle King was born in 1954 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She spent part of her childhood in Turkey. King has degrees from the University of Maryland in psychology and sociology. She is the divorced mother of a daughter and son.

Oprah and King were able to remain friends since 1976. In 2010, Ms. Gayle made it very clear to Ms. Barbara Walters during their interview that Oprah was like a mother she never had as well as a sister that everyone wanted. It was Oprah’s drive to be what people told her she couldn’t be that made Gayle King look up to her in a very miraculous way. Through the hardships of being a news reporter and working with different companies and programs, Ms. King was able to solidify her position as one the most respected and goal driven news anchors in news reporter history.

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