Fred Ward Net Worth

How much was Fred Ward worth?

Net Worth:$4 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:December 30, 1942 (aged 79)
Country:United States of America
5 ft 9 in (1.77 m)

About Fred Ward

Fred Ward was born in San Diego and was part Cherokee. His father was allegedly an alcoholic criminal who was in and out of prison. Freddie’s mother left his father when he was three but was not ready to raise a child and so Fred was raised by his grandmother. His mother began to slowly put the pieces back together and after a difficult time with her husband, she soon found work at carnivals and began to take care of Fred as her son. As he got older, he became increasingly interested in aircraft and ended up enlisting in the United States Air Force. He also worked up in Alaska for a time, and as a janitor and short-order cook. As an amateur boxer, Fred broke his nose three times and later packed it all in to pursue a career as a professional actor.

American actor and producer Fred Ward had an estimated net worth of $4 million dollars, at the time of his death in 2022. Ward was a character actor known for his grizzled appearance.

He moved to New York City where he studied acting at New York’s Herbert Berghof Studio. For a time he decided to live in Italy to soak up the creativity and develop his acting talents. While there, he dubbed Italian movies into English and appeared in two films by neorealist director Roberto Rossellini. As he developed, his intense eyes, sly grin and somewhat grizzled appearance, became in demand in the United States and he was cast in his first solid role alongside Clint Eastwood in the nail-biting prison film Escape from Alcatraz (1979). More than anything, it was Ward’s looks and attention to detail that made him such a great character actor. He was often cast as law enforcement or in military roles, earning praised performances in Southern Comfort (1981), Uncommon Valour (1983), and in The Right Stuff (1983).

In the 1985 film Remo: Unarmed and Dangerous, he was cast in the lead role, that of Remo Williams, in the action, adventure and martial arts movie. While the film was not successful at the box office, it earned Ward a small following and he developed skills in comedic timing and satirical performance. He went on to use his newly formed acting talents in roles like Kevin Bacon‘s handyman in the light-hearted sci-fi hit Tremors in 1990. A film that lost $8 million at the box office but was a notable success among critics. He continued with films like The Player (1992), Bob Roberts (1992), Short Cuts (1993), Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult (1994), Chain Reaction (1996), and the sequel movie Tremors 2: Aftershocks (1996).

He continued his work in the 2000s with The Chaos Factor (2000), Joe Dirt (2001), Corky Romano (2001) and Sweet Home Alabama (2002). By the end of his life, he was in demand in action films, notably appearing in Armored (2009), and his final film appearance in 2 Guns (2013). Aside from some appearances on television, Ward retired from acting and died at the age of 79 on May 8, 2022.

Ward’s Total Net Worth

While Fred Ward did not earn a substantial amount throughout his career, he is remembered as a great character actor and remains known and remembered even after his death. In total, Ward earned estimated total career income of around $6-7 million dollars.

Of that amount, over $1 million is expected to have been paid in business related costs. The remainder, $5.5 million, will have been taxed at a rate of around 52% as Ward had been residing in the state of California. After tax, it is estimated that his career earnings are at around $2.64 million dollars, having paid $2.86 million dollars in taxes.

Fred Ward married Marie-France Ward in 1995 and they remain together until his death in 2022. They had one child, Django Ward, and despite Marie-France filing for divorce in 2013 the couple reconciled and lived a peaceful life together.

In his personal life, Fred Ward likely spent $1 million dollars of his career earnings but also probably possessed assets valued at around $450,000, not including investment assets. In his investments, he may have earned investment returns of $1-2 million dollars. Therefore, it is estimated that Fred Ward may have had a net worth of a rounded up $4 million dollars.


Fred Ward was a character actor known for his grizzled look and appearances in films like Escape from Alcatraz, The Right Stuff, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins, and Tremors 1 and 2. He began his career while studying in Rome, Italy where he was able to provide voice work dubbing Italian films into English. After returning to the United States his career soon began to flourish and by the end of his life, he had appeared in some capacity in 78 films.

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