Fred Rose Net Worth

How much was Fred Rose worth?

Net Worth:$2 Million
Profession:Professional Musician
Date of Birth:August 24, 1898
Country:United States of America

About Fred Rose

Knowles American singer, songwriter, and music publishing executive Fred Rose, who was born on August 24, 1898, had a $2 million estimated net worth. Born in Indiana, Fred Rose relocated to Chicago as a teenager to pursue a career in music. He was already a talented pianist who performed in bars and clubs. Later, he found work as a radio DJ and lyricist for his appropriately named “Fred Rose’s Song Show.”

American musician, Hall of Fame songwriter, and music publishing executive Fred Rose had an estimated net worth of $2 million dollars at the time of his death, in 1954. Fred Rose was one of the most important songwriters in early country music, shepherding the career of Hank Williams and co-writing many of his songs.

Love is like a dying ember
Where only memories remain
Through the ages I’ll remember
Blue eyes crying in the rain

— Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

Rose relocated to Hollywood in the middle of the 1930s, when he wrote songs for the singing cowboy Gene Autry. In fact, Rose’s “Be Honest with Me.” which was written for Autry, received an Oscar nomination.

In 1942, Rose founded Acuff-Rose Publishing with Roy Acuff. It would go on to rank among the top publishing houses for country music.

Rose also had a penchant for finding talent. In 1946, he signed Hank Williams to Acuff-Rose, and by pairing Williams’ compositions, such “Your Cheatin’ Heart” with more commercial performers like Dean Martin, he helped Williams achieve crossover success.

One of the earliest members of the Country Music Hall of Fame was Rose in 1961. It was evidence of his significant impact on the country music business. The value of Fred Rose’s estate was $2 million at the time of his passing in 1954.

“He was just like me — came up the hard way. I’ve been on my own since I was seven. Grew up in a small country town, just like Hank. Used to pass the hat around in saloons for my keep. He was like that.” — Fred Rose Quote on Hank Williams

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