Let’s take a look at the 3 essential things you must know if you want to land your dream job this year.

1. Your Resume Will Never Get You Your Dream Job:

This might be a tough one to swallow for many of you but it’s time you accept it. Your resume is just far too limiting a view into how complex and interesting you are as a person. Thus it will never lead you that dream job because you are more than bullets on a page. But don’t take my word for it. Seth Godin even mentioned it in his recent post about what your platform is. A blog or an active twitter presence can help you to express who you are on much a deeper level than a resume ever will.

2. Find that Company That Lets You Be You

There’s really no set formula for this. But, I’d say this comes down to not being desperate and being relentless when it comes to getting what you want in a job.  The other day I was telling a friend that I think I could go to a school and tell students that I was going to make them a job offer for 90K a year working at a large well known company, but I couldn’t tell them what the job was. Sadly, I think there are a good amount of people who would take the job without questioning what the job was, which takes me to what the real key to finding your dream job.

3. What’s the Thing You Value Most in a Job?

Last week when I wrote about conflicting values, I made brief mention of the fact that happiness is very closely tied to values. I go through Tony Robbins Personal Power II program every 3-4 months as a refresher and reminder.

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The other day, I got to the tape on values and when I asked myself the question “what’s most important to me in a job?” the answer I came up with was creativity. In that moment it became immediately apparent to me why I had never been very good at any of my previous jobs. The jobs completely conflicted with the most important thing I was looking for in a job. Working as an account manager (essentially a sales job) provided minimal opportunities for creative expression. As a result I was completely bored in every job I’ve had up until now. In that moment I started to realize the tremendous importance of value based career choices, something the education system does little to address.

If you ask the overwhelming majority of students in graduate programs or possibly even undergraduate programs what they are looking for in a job, you’ll get some variation on the following answers:

  • A good company
  • A good salary/paycheck
  • An opportunity for growth
  • A good brand name

When you look closely, it becomes very clear why so many people hate their jobs. They don’t chose those jobs based on their values. I think that we need a serious paradigm shift in the way we prepare students and everybody else for the future. I think we need to start taking our values much more seriously if we intend to reach our potential.

The “I’ll take what I can get” mindset is detrimental not only to individuals but to our society. Give some thought to why you do what you do and whether it actually aligns with your values. Simply ask yourself “what’s most important to me in a job?” I think you’ll find the experience to be an eye-opening one and it will take you much close to landing your dream job.


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