If the change of season is making you want to switch up your decor in your apartment or home, you are not alone. The farmhouse fad is all the rage right now and we have Chip and Joanna Gaines and their Fixer Upper family to thank for that. (They are total #relationshipgoals, BTW.)
We can’t help but love the dynamic duo and their ever-evolving inspiration, upbeat attitudes and the different spins they put on the once simple farmhouse style. Next date night; grab your S.O., a paint brush and hammer to get a jump on these 16 farmhouse inspired decor ideas.

1. Gallery Wall

Doesn’t this just scream “homey farmhouse”? Old family photos, mirrors, arrows, and signs can give a blank wall life. Pinterest has all kinds of tutorials and layouts to create a balanced gallery wall layout to prevent a cluttered disaster.

2. Milk or Apple Crates

Milk Crates are an incredibly budget friendly solution for incorporating a farmhouse style into your décor. They can be used for storage, accent décor, and bookshelves. If you are trying to incorporate a more industrial farmhouse style into your space, you could take a torch to them briefly (and safely) to give a weathered look that truly brings out the wood grain.

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3. Buffalo Check Patterns

Nothin’ says “hot farmer” quite like a plaid shirt. If you have perused the aisles of Target and Home Goods recently, you have seen a lot of buffalo check and plaids are being incorporated into style. If you are going for a true farmhouse vibe, keep your décor simple and natural with accented buffalo check patterns for an attention-grabbing pop.

4. Shiplap

Shiplap. You either love it or you hate it in my opinion, but it can really add a charming farmhouse appeal to your space. While traditional shiplap is historically wood that is grooved or notched to fit together perfectly to allow a water tight barrier against the elements, you can add the effect to your home with some boards from your local DIY store and some white paint. Voila, shiplap!

5. Architectural Salvage

Antiquing might be one of my new favorite hobbies! What better way to add charm and character to your space by repurposing old windows, corbels, and doors? You can add a bit of farmhouse flair to your décor while also incorporating a little bit of history. Imagine the story behind your finds?

6. Whitewash Brick

If you tour old farmhouses, you almost always see a white washed brick chimney. The truth is that whitewashing was used to prevent mold due to the antimicrobial properties of lime (the source behind white washing) but now the look is just plain cute. While old, plain brick chimneys are a bit of a 1990’s relic, whitewashing it can really brighten up the space and give an old world feel.

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7. Farmhouse Table

Enjoying Sunday dinner around a giant table surrounded by loved ones is the true ~American dream~. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen sitcoms with the family enjoying dinner around a giant table together (*cough* Full House). Circling back to architectural salvage you can find some great steals and ideas for a new farmhouse table.

8. Natural Tones

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Today I switched out this shower curtain…do you remember the situation I had before?! So I thought I would take some pictures to show you how its coming along! ☺️ It's so amazing how this guest suite bathroom upstairs has evolved. All I knew when we started is that I wanted a blank slate up here…I didn't design any cabinets because I wanted to find old furniture to give it that special charm and texture. Well, I waited patiently, even to the very last minute. Until I knew I finally stumbled upon the piece I wanted for this project! It's an old French workbench, complete with all the special vices/hardware attached. We had to make some adjustments to make this work! My plumbers thought I was crazy and said no way that would work! I also planned to have a different mirror but at the last minute, I hesitated and though I needed something smaller. So I went to my favorite antique mall and knew that it was a long shot, but I walked out, $35 vintage mirror in hand!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 And then @deltafaucetcan let me pick out a faucet for this vessel sink to match my @deltafaucet shower head!! It has all the vintage charm and reminds me of an old water well pump!! Gorgeous!! 😍✨🤗 Now, I'm still undecided on what wall texture to add…maybe wallpaper, maybe beadboard….I do know exactly how I want to decorate in here though!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Check out story for more photos of this space!!!And come back and let me know what you think on the question I ask there about the old cupboard that I'm turning in to the linen space!!! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Long post; thank you for reading and following along our journey!! Oh, and the moral of this story is…if you want to give your home character and charm, don't rush it, it takes time, don't get yourself in a hurry! A collected home doesn't have to be expensive either, it just takes time!!! Enjoy the process of making your house into a cozy, well collected home!!! 💞 #treetopsuitebathroom #whitetailfarmhouse #deltafaucet #oldworkbench #farmhousecharm #farmhousebathroom #farmhousehappy

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White, gray and “greige” give us all the heart eyes these days. Long gone are the days of tan and taupe. Whites and grays allow you to incorporate in however much detail you want with a bright and airy canvas. In perspective, a little bit of paint can really go a long way when getting the farmhouse inspired home you are looking for.

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9. Farmhouse Sink

If you are like me, you dream of babies taking bubble baths in a giant, farmhouse sink. Disregard all of the dishes that come along with said babies, but just the thought of an over sized sink looking out an open field gives me all the feels. Historically, the farmhouse apron sinks were designed for comfort for those who stood for longer periods of time at the sink and are a staple in most kitchen designs and remodels these days. This trend is a definite oldie but a goodie.

10. Mason Jars

Mason jars have been making an appearance throughout the wedding scene in a big way the past few years and we are starting to see them trickle throughout home décor as well. Mount them to wall in a small space or dining room to create a mini herb garden and bring life to an otherwise dull area of the house. Dress them up and use them as chic and decorative containers. There are so many options.

11. Open Shelving

New Cabinetry can be quite the expense when considering a remodel or change of décor, hello open shelving. Shelves can give you the perfect opportunity to show off some of the antiques and finds you’ve repurposed from your last flea market visit or create storage in a bathroom that wasn’t otherwise there.

12. Chalkboard Art

Oh, chalkboard art you have a way with words. (See what I did there?) Anyways, by repurposing an old picture frame or small wall with some chalkboard paint, you can create your very own chalkboard art to keep yourself organized with weekly events or add a little seasonal touch to your humble abode.

13. Succulents and Indoor Planters

All things green! Succulents and planters can do great things for purifying the air in your home, but also add a little pop of color and texture to your décor. Whether you are placing a potted aloe plant on top of a stack of books, adding a spider plant to your window sill, or sticking some succulents in your office, it can add a little bit of farmhouse appeal to your space.

14. Dark Accent Colors

If you are going for the true farmhouse feel, your space will be decked out in a ton of grays, whites, and natural tones. What better way to add in some character than by throwing in a splash of navy, forest green, or if you are feeling really ambitious; black!

15. Concrete Countertops

While this reno can add some cost and technique to your new design, it can also give you the farmhouse feel when accented with some white cabinets. It can add some texture and character no matter where it is added to an otherwise cold, dull, and stark space of the home.

16. Fresh Flowers

Give us all of the fresh flowers. Peonies, hydrangeas, lilacs, poppies, we love them all. I am not sure much else says farmhouse kitchen than a mason jar of fresh flowers on the kitchen island or giant farmhouse table. While this is a temporary décor update, it is definitely a budget friendly one. What better way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee than by staring at a dreamy bouquet of flowers?


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