Favorite Dinosaur Books, Both Fact and Fiction

Let’s face it: Dinosaurs are freaking awesome. Despite having been extinct for 65 million years and counting, these awe-inspiring creatures continue to surface in our art, movies, and, of course, books. If you’re looking for a few great books about dinosaurs, we’ve got them here…

Binge Worthy

10. The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs

by Steve Brusatte

Before we get into all of the dinosaur fiction, I’d like to direct your attention to Steve Brusatte’s great new non-fiction title, The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs. Brusatte is a big up and comer in the field of paleontology, and his name is one I bet you’ll be hearing a lot more in the future. The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaurs is anepic and eminently readable account of a lost age that will challenges everything you thought you knew. If you’re looking for a great place to start your study of dinosaurs, this is it.

9. Dinosaur Tales

by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury loved dinosaurs, so much so that he wrote several short stories featuring the prehistoric beasts. Dinosaur Tales collects seven of them. Some of them are original to the book. Others, like “A Sound of Thunder” are classics longtime readers will undoubtedly recognize. Lavishly illustrated, Dinosaur Tales is as much fun to flip through for the art as it is to read. 

8. Anonymous Rex

by Eric Garcia

Vincent Rubio is a down on his luck detective doing his best to scrape together a living in the streets of Los Angeles. He’s also a dinosaur. He, like the rest of his kind, went into hiding after humans came along. Now they wear latex people suits and mix in as well as they can. When a former partner is murdered, Rubio is on the case. Can this sly saurian solve the mystery? 

7. Far-Seer

by Robert J. Sawyer

Far-Seer is the first volume in Robert J. Sawyer’s series The Quintaglio Ascension: a line of books that take place in a dinosaur analogue of Renaissance Europe. Asfan’s the book’s hero, is a court astrologer’s apprentice whose heretical observations regarding his world’s sun lands him in hot water with the powers that be.

Note: You can get this one in ebook format from all of your major retailers, but if you want a hard copy you’ll need to order directly from the author at

6. Dinotopia: A Land Apart from Time

by James Gurney

Written as the journal of a sailor who visits a magical land where dinosaurs and human beings live and work peacefully in a utopian city, James Gurney’s Dinotopia was a massive hit in the early nineties. Now you can own a brand new edition featuring digitally remastered art that captures all of the magic of the original. Take a visit to Dinotopia, and you might not want to return.

5. The Dinosaur Lords

by Victor Milán

The world of Victor Milán’s The Dinosaur Lords is anything but utopian. It’s a realm where knights do battle astride ferocious dinosaurs, and monstrous predators roam the countryside. If you read just one book about dinosaur-riding medieval warlords, make it this admirably gonzo book.

4. Jurassic Park

by Michael Crichton

I suspect you have some idea about what Jurassic Park is about, but if not, where the heck have you been? Scientists discover a technique for bringing back dinosaurs from extinction. Naturally, the first thing they do is open an amusement park. What could go wrong? 

3. Raptor Red

by Robert T. Bakker

After you’re done reading stories about dinosaur private investigators and scientists, check out Raptor Red: a scientifically sound novel about a female Raptor and her life in the plains of prehistoric Utah. If you’ve ever wondered what might have gone on inside the mind of a dinosaur, this is the book for you.

2. Dinosaur Summer

by Greg Bear

Set half a decade after the events of Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World, Dinosaur Summer is the story of an exhibition to return a group of dinosaurs captured and imprisoned in a circus to their native environment. The journey will be dangerous, and their final destination doubly so.

1. Bones of the Earth

by Michael Swanwick

A paleontologist and his colleagues take a trip back in time to the Cretaceous period to observe dinosaurs in their natural habitat. Finally able to study the creatures in their natural habitat, the team makes discoveries that would be impossible in their own era. All they’ve got to do is survive long enough to make it back.

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