Evan Rachel Wood Net Worth

How much is Evan Rachel Wood worth?

Net Worth:$8 Million
Profession:Professional Actress
Date of Birth:September 7, 1987 (age 34)
Country:United States of America
1.7 m

About Evan Rachel Wood

This unusual Hollywood diva displayed her singing prowess in Across the Universe, became rebellious in Thirteen, and satisfied her desire in True Blood. That this gorgeous blonde pixie was once engaged to Marilyn Manson still defies belief. But then again, maybe not—if Evan Rachel Wood has shown us anything, it’s that there is more to her than first appears.

American actress, model, and musician Evan Rachel Wood has an estimated net worth of $8 million dollars, as of 2023. Woodis the recipient of a Critics’ Choice Television Award as well as three Primetime Emmy Award nominations and three Golden Globe Award nominations for her work in film and television.

“I Just Kind Of Did It Ever Since”

In Raleigh, North Carolina, Evan Rachel Wood was born and reared in a theatrical household. Wood began performing when she was a baby in her father’s theater business, whereas most actresses battle for screen time. Wood took on gradually bigger roles as she grew older. Her mother was also an actor, and the family frequently appeared in her father’s shows. When she was under the age of 10, one of her fondest memories was playing Helen Keller alongside her mother’s Anne Sullivan in The Miracle Worker. She explains, “Once I could walk and talk, I was thrust out on stage, and I’ve just kind of done it ever since.

She relocated to Los Angeles with her mother and brother Ira following her parents’ divorce. The change would be beneficial to her profession, but even as a preteen, Evan stood out for some reason. She had the same golden locks and cheery looks of a Mouseketeer. Instead, she tackled more difficult topics as Jessie in the critically acclaimed TV series Once and Again, including eating disorders and emerging homosexuality.

“It’s Not Honest”

Throughout her teenage years, Wood was drawn to the most vulnerable, anxious, and perilous aspects of growing up. She was an agonizingly shy child who detested junior high so much that she was homeschooled through the 12th grade, graduating from high school at the age of 15. She expressed irritation that all teen movies were about the big dance and who was sleeping with whom and her choice of movies mirrored this. Oh my God, this is so terrible, she exclaimed. “This does not assist. And it isn’t truthful.”

In her breakthrough film, Thirteen, Wood brought some brutal honesty to the silver screen by portraying a young, carefree child who develops into a rebellious adolescence filled with drugs, sex, and criminality. It was a genuine showcase for Wood’s developing skill, featuring her in Wood’s trademark contradiction of a sweet little blond girl with a sinister streak. The 16-year-old received widespread acclaim, a Golden Globe nomination, and Vanity Fair called her one of Hollywood’s It Girls.

Even though she was in high demand for her exceptional abilities, she stayed away from the mainstream by favoring macabre and scary roles in more indie movies. She appeared in the lighter movies Little Secrets and Practical Magic, but she also played sexual antagonists in Pretty Persuasion and Down in the Valley and was an abduction victim in The Missing.

dread Queen

When she began dating the considerably older, perhaps mad goth musician Marilyn Manson at the age of 19, it turned out that her Down in the Valley part would be practice for real life. Even detractors had to admit that she was dating Manson even though he was twice her age since that raised more concerns than the mere fact that she was dating him at all. Wood makes an appearance in the music video for Manson’s sarcastic tribute to Lolita, “Heart Shaped Glasses,” in which the singer is passionately kissed in bed while covered in blood. And that was one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever experienced, she adds. The two would have an on-again, off-again relationship for years, being engaged at the start of 2010, but ending it permanently by August of that same year.

Whether she is known as the sanguine queen on Manson’s arm or the kid actress-turned-indie prodigy, she has built a name for herself by defying expectations and pursuing her passions. There are still sides of Evan Rachel Wood that we haven’t seen, whether she’s a vampire queen in True Blood or a singing flower girl in Across the Universe.

“One of the reasons I fought for those roles is that I think there are so many things about them that are just so human, but people like to label them as weird or bad or wrong because they’re scared of them.”

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