Eric Roberts Net Worth

How much is Eric Roberts worth?

Net Worth:$9 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:April 18, 1956 (age 66)
Country:United States of America
5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)

About Eric Roberts

Eric Anthony Roberts was born on April 18, 1956 and is an American actor with an estimated net worth of $9 million. Julia Robert’s older brother Eric Roberts began his career in the 1970s. That decade, he landed a leading role in the drama King of the Gypsies, which earned him his first Golden Globe Award nomination.

Throughout the past four decades, he has taken part in multiple films, with his most eminent roles being in Star 80, Runaway Train, Raggedy Man, The Dark Knight, The Expendables, and Inherent Vice.

American actor Eric Roberts has an estimated net worth of $9 million dollars, as of 2023. Roberts’ is best known for his leading role in King of the Gypsies and playing Paul Snider, in Bob Fosse’s Star 80. He is also the brother of famous actress, Julia Roberts.

The role of Dave Stepanowicz in the 1970s drama King of the Gypsies helped Eric Roberts gain national popularity and several awards. He was born on April 18, 1956, in Biloxi, Mississippi. Both of his parents, Betty and Walter, were actors and playwrights and they met during a tour of the George Washington Slept Here production. Roberts’ parents ran an acting school for children in Decatur, Georgia.

Eric has two younger sisters, Julia and Lisa, both of whom are also actors. With one of them being the esteemed Julia Roberts.

His parents divorced in 1972 when Eric was 16 years old. He stayed with his father in Atlanta, while his sisters moved with his mother. In 1955, he graduated from the Henry W. Grady High School and decided to pursue an acting career. Thanks to his time in his parents’ acting school for multiple years, Eric easily got his first acting role. His television debut came in January 1974, in the soap opera How to Survive a Marriage, where he took part in three episodes.

In addition to acting, since the early years of the new millennium, the actor also became a producer. He served as an executive producer for various productions – Vegan 101, Hide in the Light, and Beverly Hills Bandits. Since the new millennium, he also began starring in multiple films per year.

For example, in 2009 alone, he starred in 11 different films.

Starring in a large number of films and television series helped the actor become rich in just a decade. Roberts’ received a second television role in February 1977, when he joined the NBC soap opera Another World as Ted Bancroft in a recurring role that he reprised for six months. The following year, 1978, he made his film debut in King of the Gypsies, which put him on the map as one of the most impressive actors at the time.

In the early 1980s, he took part mostly in television films such as Paul’s Case, and Slow Burn. During that decade, he also starred in Raggedy Man, Star 80, and Runaway Train, which earned several nominations for Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. By the following decade, Eric earned more starred in a variety of television projects such as In Cold Blood, Doctor Who, Dark Angel, Love, Cheat and Steal, and The Specialist.

Starting the year 2012, Eric Roberts took part in over 16 films, with the most successful being Silver Case, Deadline, and Snow White: A Deadly Summer. Apart from films, the actor continued to star in television series.

As of now, his most memorable roles in series are in Less than Perfect, Crash, The Young and the Restless, Suits, and Lost Girl. Now, four decades after he started his career, Roberts continues to star in many movies per year.

Eric Roberts may not have earned anything like what his sister Julia Roberts has, however he has earned from a career and in a profession that he loves. He is a true thespian and has said, “I’m very subjective when it comes to describing my characters: they are all a little bit a part of me from the outside in or the inside out.”

The most famous movies that he has had roles in, are Runaway Train, Best Of The Best, Inherent Vice, The Dark Knight, The Expendables and there have been many more. In fact, Roberts has over 650 acting credits to his name, making him one of the most prolific actors of all time. He has been able to do this because he is often filling small roles, but has done well, earning a total of an estimated $12 million from his appearances.

Roberts has also earned from his television work, too. He has appeared in Suits for example and in a number of small TV series, like Heroes and Crash. He is not estimated to have earned much however, even despite having appeared in over 80 TV series. They are often small roles and either in single episodes or in just a few episodes. In combination ,with over 150 appearances as himself he is estimated to have earned only about $2.5 million from his work on TV.

In total, Eric Roberts has earned an estimated $14.5 million in career earnings. In the 58 years that he has been active (1964-2022), Roberts’ earnings have therefore been $250,000 per year. There have been years when he has earned far more than that and many more years when he he has earned less. However, on average he will have paid about 34% in total tax (estimation). His total after-tax earnings are therefore at $9.57 million, having paid $4.93 million in taxes.

Roberts’ Total Net Worth

Eric Roberts has had a slightly tumultuous personal life which likely impacted his career earnings and, also likely, his management of his wealth. He has been arrested more than once on drug related charges and declared in 1995 that he was “giving up drugs entirely”. Eric married Eliza Roberts ​in 1992 and they have stayed together. Eric has one child from a previous relationship with Kelly Cunningham, a daughter called Emma Roberts. Despite some noise surrounding Roberts’ personal life and reputed drug use, it may not have deeply affected his net worth as much as some outlets may say.

When factoring in likely living costs, miscellaneous costs and other expenditures, losses both in financial mistakes and accidents (like the time he crashed his Jeep into a tree), as well as some more in investment gain. Overall, it appears that Eric Roberts may have a net worth of about $9 million.


Eric Roberts is an actor and director who rose to prominence with roles in some classic films such as King of the Gypsies, Raggedy Man, and Runaway Train. Just like his sister, he has found plenty of success in the film industry and, as of now, has a net worth estimated to be $9 million.

During his four decades-long career, the actor has starred in hundreds of films and television series, and, thanks to his incredible acting, he has won multiple awards and nominations for the likes of Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Satellite Awards.

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