Emmy Rossum Net Worth

How much is Emmy Rossum worth?

Net Worth:$12 Million
Profession:Professional Actress
Date of Birth:September 12, 1986 (age 35)
Country:United States of America
1.73 m

About Emmy Rossum

She gained notoriety in Mystic River before her roles in The Day After Tomorrow and The Phantom of the Opera sealed her fate in Hollywood. Emmy Rossum, a rising Hollywood actress who can sing and act, utilized her tremendous vocals to force her way onto the big screen.

American actress and singer-songwriter Emmy Rossum has an estimated net worth of $12 million dollars, as of 2023. Rossum is known for her portrayal of Fiona Gallagher in the television series Shameless.

Before she turned 18, Rossum appeared in almost 20 operas. She is a natural virtuoso who has adapted to acting and seizes every chance, including some that are highly risky.

Soapy Opera Star

She was born on Emmanuelle Grey Rossum, and her mother reared her alone in New York City. Emmy joined the Children’s Chorus of the Metropolitan Opera at age seven after displaying early musical talent. She received vocal instruction that helped her to hone her lovely soprano voice and enhance her stage presence over the course of several shows. She co-starred in a number of operas throughout the years with some of the most well-known opera singers in the world.

Rossum made her television debut when she got a recurring part as one of the many faces on the venerable soap opera As the World Turns, switching from opera to soap opera. Rossum’s attractiveness allowed her to rise above the sea of unremarkable soap opera stars and land roles in TV films like Genius (1999) and The Audrey Hepburn Story (2000).

Theatrical to screen

Rossum eventually made her big screen debut in the 2000 country musical Songcatcher, for which she had the opportunity to perform a duet with Dolly Parton on the soundtrack. Rossum persisted in acting, landing roles in obscure films up until she was chosen to play the tragic daughter of Sean Penn‘s character in the film Mystic River (2003). The New York Times recognized Rossum as one of the Six Actors to Watch this Fall (and Long Thereafter) in 2003, recognizing her small but notable part in the film.

Rossum played Jake Gyllenhaal‘s love interest in the 2004 catastrophe film The Day After Tomorrow, continuing her career on the red carpet. Because of her part in the high-budget catastrophe movie, Rossum caught the attention of viewers who had never seen her before. She landed the main female role in the first film adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera that same year, giving her the opportunity to display her remarkable soprano skills on a large screen. Even though the film received poor reviews, Rossum was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Aspirations in Pop

Rossum tried to use her musical abilities in a different way while still pursuing her acting career. She created her debut album, Inside Out, a dreamy-pop project that had some success in the US. Rossum commented, “This album is about figuring out who I am,” in response to her album. The real Emmy Rossum is there. I’m not speaking someone else’s lines for the first time. In a song, I feel the most free and able to express myself. It scares me because I am everything. However, Emmy gained more than just a means of self-expression from the music business.

Rossum secretly wed music executive Justin Siegel in February 2008; however, the marriage ended after one and a half years when Siegel filed for divorce. Rossum soon started openly dating vocalist Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows, but the two parted ways in 2010.

In 2017, she wed Sam Esmail, an American producer, director, and screenwriter for cinema and television.


After appearing in a number of forgettable movies, Rossum teamed up with William H. Macy in the drama Shameless on Showtime, which follows a dysfunctional family living in the Chicago slums. She found a new outlet for her untapped abilities on the cable show, which debuted in January 2011, and fans got to see her mischievous side.

Emmy Rossum is still a rising young actress attempting to establish herself in the business despite how successful she currently is. Although she is better at acting than singing, her eagerness to succeed might propel her to Hollywood’s A-list.

“As an actor, you always look for things that will stretch you and that are different than you are, so that you can surprise yourself, and you want to surround yourself with the highest caliber of people that will make you look good.”

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