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How much is Edward Norton worth?

Net Worth:$300 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:August 18, 1969
Country:United States of America
1.83 m

Edward sure knows how to pick ’em. He’s starred in Primal Fear, Fight Club, The Illusionist and The Incredible Hulk

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Who Is Edward Norton

When it comes to his craft, Edward Norton isn’t one to give anything less than 100 percent. Whether he’s being recognized by the Academy or building homes for the less fortunate, you won’t find Edward in the tabloids. This actor is strictly business, and from his body of work, he’s a businessman with a killer track record.

American actor Edward Norton has a net worth ballparking $300 million dollars, as of 2021.

Family Highs

Edward Harrison Norton was born in Boston and raised in suburban Columbia, Maryland. His father was an environmental lawyer and federal prosecutor during the Carter administration, and his mother was an English teacher. Norton grew up blessed with both affluence and intelligence.  

Perhaps more significantly, his maternal grandfather was developer James W. Rouse, the socially conscious visionary who revitalized America’s cities, invented the shopping mall and devoted his profits and retirement to a nonprofit organization building affordable homes for the poor. With both his parents in public service and a legendary philanthropist for a grandpa, it’s no surprise that charitable causes have played a huge roll in Norton’s life.  

Stage Fever

Although Edward initially began working at his grandfather’s company, Enterprise Community Partners, his heart was in acting from the time he was a child. He remembers the moment when, at six years old, he went to see his babysitter in a production of If I Were a Princess and was mesmerized by the transformative power of acting. At eight, he floored his kiddie theater director by asking what his character’s motivation should be. Norton was the kind of teenager who taught himself Japanese when he was 16, a scholarly inclination that took him to Yale, where he studied history, Japanese and took as many theater classes as he could without being a drama major.  

After college, Norton moved to Osaka, Japan to work for his grandfather’s philanthropic venture. But his grandfather knew Norton’s heart wasn’t in it, and suggested his grandson move to New York to follow his ambitions. Once firmly in pursuit of his dream, it wasn’t long before he caught it. He was soon noticed by famous playwright Edward Albee, who cast the young unknown in his Signature Theatre players troupe. Norton’s big screen debut came just three years later, when he beat out 2,100 hopefuls for the part of Aaron in Primal Fear (1996), perfecting a stutter, a flawless Kentucky accent and an “oh-my-God-who-is-this-kid” talent.  

Primal Skill

Primal Fear required a lot from the actor—weak vulnerability turning instantly to violent confidence and back again—and Norton was a revelation. With his debut, he won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor as well as an Academy Award nomination. Already, in his first year in movies, word of the unnaturally gifted young actor was getting around, leading him to roles in Woody Allen‘s Everyone Says I Love You (1996) and Milos Forman’s The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996).  

By 1998, after his troubling portrayal of neo-Nazi Derek Vinyard in American History X (and a subsequent second Oscar nod), Norton had established himself as one of the best actors of his generation. While some describe Norton as arrogant, a charge that friend and former Yale classmate Stuart Blumberg accounts to his distaste for mediocrity, there’s no arguing with the results. His effete rage helped turn Fight Club into a cult classic, his Will Graham in Red Dragon let us pretend that Hannibal had never come out, and he drew critical praise even from behind a mask in Kingdom of Heaven. He also, along the way, has become a producer, editor, co-writer and director.  


Personally, Norton has always played it close to the vest. He insists on living in New York City because he enjoys the anonymity, answering nosy interview questions with things like “there are higher-minded conversations to be had than talking about my fairly humdrum daily life.” But inquiring minds have been able to glean certain broad stroke details: he was involved with Courtney Love for three years and Salma Hayek for four years after that.  

After years of secrecy, he announced in March of 2011 that he was engaged to girlfriend of six years, producer Shauna Robertson. He’s been less reticent to talk about his causes, which are broad and passionate. He remains on the board of trustees on his grandfather’s non-profit, as well as vocal in his support for environmental and renewable energy projects. He is the president of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, ran the 2009 New York Marathon for charity and, in May of 2010, created a website called Crowdrise, a social network for fundraising and charity. Clearly, Norton has been taught to give something back to the public at large. As if his acting wasn’t enough

Defining Quote “I think a lot of people relate to some of my characters’ inner struggles. I mean the guy in Fight Club is pretty f*cked up in a lot of ways people recognize in themselves. I think that’s what makes those movies fun. When you can see through these characters, how they change, they can speak to people.”

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