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How much is Drake worth?

Net Worth:$175 Million
Profession:Professional Rapper
Date of Birth:October 24, 1986
1.82 m

Although he’s know for his smooth beats, sexy swagger and legions of screaming fans, this rising phenom spent years as a Canadian teen soap star before picking up the mic. In just a few short years, Drake rose to the level of musical prominence that many artists spend decades trying to achieve.

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Who Is Drake

Drake is a Canadian celebrity and a rapper who is known for his appearances in trendy TV-shows as well as his career as a rapper in the hip hop culture. Drake, born on October 24, 1986, as Aubrey Drake Graham he was raised in Toronto, Canada by his mother in a Jewish neighborhood. His father, Mr. Dennis Graham, is an African American Catholic while his mother, Mrs. Sandi Graham, is a Canadian Caucasian Jew.

Drake considers himself to be a black man due to his excessive participation in black culture. Aubrey Graham made his first appearance as a celebrity in the early 2000s teen soap opera, Degrassi: The Next Generation. He played the role of a young teen named Jimmy Brooks who was injured by a classmate which resulted in him being a handicap. Drake played his role very well for seven years regardless of him having to be in a wheelchair. Living his life as a TV star was only the beginning of his introduction into the celebrity world. He began to be known for his talent as a hip hop lyricist when he signed a deal with Lil Wayne and the Young Money Entertainment record label.

As of 2021, Drake has a net worth that exceeds $175 million dollars. Making him one of the fastest growing rappers of all time.

What makes him so successful?

In my opinion the true measure of success is when a person can remain who they are through fame and shame. Although there is a lot of fame around the name “Drake”, the artist’s life is not always easy. During his career as a celebrity, Drake has gotten into altercations with other famous celebrities such as Chris Brown and Meek Mill. These altercations add on to his success, giving his fans and the media something to talk about.

Having relations with famous singer Rihanna caused Chris Brown and Drake to become rivals and later resulted in a violent fight at a night club in New York City. Facing the consequences, both celebrities gave apologies for hurting a model, some women, and the professional basketball player Tony Parker.

Industry conflicts seem to be raising Drake’s success bar because his fans still remained loyal. Rap beef between the famous artist Meek Mill and Drake, started when Meek Mill found out that Drake had someone else write his verse to one of their songs together. After releasing two diss tracks, both aimed at Meek Mill, Drake began to make even more noise in the music industry. He tells his fans that none of his fame and fortune came easy and that he definitely had to work hard to get where he is.

How did Drake get so rich?

Now with so much buzz, Drake’s career started taking off and he became the topic of hip hop discussions. With successful projects like Thank Me Later, which was released on June 15, 2010, Drake earned his title as the prince of hip hop.

His first “Thank Me Later” album was produced in full studio quality and made No.1 in American and Canadian hip hop. Combining his talents into one, Drake became a celebrity icon. Making magazine covers and being co-signed by major hip hop artists like Jay-Z and Kanye West, helped Drake get richer and richer. Fans from all over the world were buying and listening to the talented songwriter’s music.

November 2011, the second album titled “Take Care” was released to the public with three single hits; Headlines, The Motto, and Make Me Proud. This album alone earned him the 2013 Grammy award for the best rap album, which was nominated among very talented artists. The album impacted the music industry as well as the culture and history of hip hop in a very powerful way, telling the world that Drake is the new face of hip hop.

Why is he so famous?

Now a very successful rapper, Drake has successfully made his mark in fame with both his TV appearances and the successful deal he signed with Lil Wayne‘s Young Money Entertainment. The TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation recruited Drake to their casting team back in 2001 after he was first introduced to the entertainment industry by one of his classmates in Forest Hill, Toronto.

After graduating from high school in 2012, Drake decided to focus less on school and focus more on pursuing his acting career. After a while Drake began to soar to the heights of fame in Canada but remained unknown in the United States of America. During his career as an actor on Degrassi, he began to become more fascinated with the music industry and pursuing his rap career. He decided to not only appear in the Degrassi TV show world, but also to pursue his dreams to become big time in the hip hop game.

In 2006, Drake began to release projects into the hip hop world starting with his first mixtape titled “Room for Improvement” which he was able to profit off of 6,000 copies sold. Hip hop artist Lil Wayne, after signing Drake, invited him to a show in Houston, Texas to be apart of the Carter III tour. Chemistry grew between the two of them and they began to make music together.

New projects from Drake began to be released and new collaborations with artists like Trey Songz and Lil Wayne were put out. Drake’s fame status reached increasing heights when his songs made No.2 on Billboards Hot 100 Singles chart and Rolling Stone’s 25 Best Songs of 2009 list.


Drake is successful due to his ability to consistently perform bringing out new tracks with his uniquely developed tone. Originally known for his acting skills in the popular TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation, Drake has taken the rap-scene and hip hop world by storm with his fresh lyrics and clean appearance. This new style of rap artist from a good upbringing and with a cleaner, clearer style, has attracted new fans from other genres as well as recruiting the die-hards that Lil Wayne attracts. When he signed his first deal as a hip hop artist with Lil Wayne and Young Money Entertainment, he became much more famous worldwide as he dominated the United States. All of this has resulted in more media attention, success, fans and fortune.

So many achievements have sculpted Drake into the man he is today, from the start of his career to his career in the present day. Aubrey Drake Graham has made it very clear to the hip hop industry, the music industry, and the entire world, that he is here to stay.

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