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How much is David Beckham worth?

Net Worth:$500 Million
Profession:Professional Football Player
Date of Birth:May 2, 1975
1.8 m

He’s the object of affection in the movie that made Keira Knightley a household name, he married a Spice Girl and he just might be as famous for his rock hard abs as he is for his killer footwork. David Beckham has gone beyond a British national treasure to an international star who, single-handedly, had the power to make a nation that doesn’t care about soccer sell out stadiums for a glimpse of the megastar. Since then Beckham has become an international sensation — seen on everything from the tiniest Breitling watches ad, to full covers on the side of skyscrapers in China.

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Who Is David Beckham

David Beckham is by far one of the biggest football stars the world has ever seen. Let us unpack the life and career of one of the most exciting lives Britain and the world have witnessed in the last 30 years. He was the second, out of the three children of Georgina and Ted Beckham. Georgina worked as a hairdresser, while her husband worked as a kitchen fitter. David Beckham was aware of his dream from a very early age. No matter who you ask, they will always tell you that David wanted to be a professional footballer.

He made his first footballing steps in Leyton Orient FC. But even at an early age, he knew the team he wanted to end up with. His whole family were fanatical about Man Utd, and young David was no different. The dream was to play for Man Utd, no other club at that time was in his mind. Soon he started to excel at youth levels and after two years at Brimsdown Rovers, he finally got a trial at his dream club Man Utd. He impressed them immediately and signed a youth deal.

As of 2021, we estimate David Beckham has a net worth of $500 million dollars.

How did David Beckham get so rich?

After being named the U-15 Player of the Year, and signing for Man Utd his career started to take off. He was one of the famous members of the class of 92, which included him Ryan Giggs, the Neville brothers, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt. In the 1994-1995 season, he was a loan for a few matches to Preston North End. David Beckham always stated that the little Preston club will forever be in his heart. He impressed there and even managed to score a goal from the corner, which is one of the rarest kinds of goals you will see on the football field.

“Glory, Glory Man United”

His first season back at Man Utd would also be his breakthrough season. It took him only a couple of games before he became the standard choice in Man Utd’s famous 4-4-2. The team that year won the double, both Premier League and FA cup. It would be one of many trophies David Beckham would win in his celebrated career.

But, it would take two more seasons until fans would realize just what kind of set-piece wizard they had. The Number Seven shirt that is so famous in the history of Man Utd, would be his only in his third season. He wore the number 10 in his second season. In that second season, he also scored one of the greatest goals ever. In the game against Wimbledon, he managed to score a chip shot from over 60 yards out.

The 1998-1999 season would be one of the greatest in the history of Man Utd and of David Beckham’s career. The team won the famous Treble, the English Premier League, the FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League. He was especially critical against Bayern Munich in the Champions League finals. Man Utd was a goal down coming into extra time, when Man Utd scored twice in extra time, both goals coming from corners taken by Beckham.

As the number of trophies increased so did Beckham’s wages. During that time he was one of the best-paid athletes in Britain at $220,000 per week with Manchester United.

Spicing Up His Love Life

In 1997 David met Victoria Adams of Spice Girls fame and the two, who admitted they were crushing on one another before they ever met, immediately hit it off, becoming England’s most publicized couple. The following year, David proposed to Posh, and in the summer of 1999 they tied the knot in a castle in Ireland— their first child, Brooklyn, who was just an infant at the time, was the ring bearer.  

His global status rose majorly after he married Victoria or better known as Posh Spice”, because the Spice Girls were the most popular pop band in the world at the time.

Three years later the growing family welcomed their second son Romeo James and a third, Cruz David, in 2005. Although the men in the Beckham clan outnumbered Victoria, the family found themselves at the epicenter of celebrity fanaticism in England and in America for everything from their style choices to their friendship with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

The newfound stardom didn’t really shake David Beckham at first. He continued to perform as he always did. The club also performed well and kept winning trophies. Ferguson always stated that David Beckham was a hard-working humble lad until he got married. The marriage changed him and he became more and more obsessed with the way he looks and how high his contract was. Yet it was never really an issue as he was earning $10 million a year with Man Utd which was swiftly increased to more than $20 million dollars when he moved clubs to Real Madrid.

Getting Real with Real Madrid

In the end of 2003, the rift between David Beckham and the manager Sir Alex Ferguson at the time became so big, Beckham had to leave.

After eight years playing for Man U—and scoring more than 60 goals—David made the switch to Spain’s Real Madrid to the tune of 35 million euros for a four-year contract. Beckham became one of the many so-called Galacticos to join the club at that time. But he didn’t really settle at Real Madrid

Being away from his home country wasn’t easy on David or Victoria and the kids. In 2004 an intruder scaled a wall of their England estate while Victoria and the children were home—although he was stopped before reaching the main house, he was found carrying with him a can of gasoline. It was becoming apparent that the couple’s celebrity status would yield more than just a handful of doting fans but also a slew of psychotic stalkers.

His first season was also his best. He struggled to fit in, and the many managerial changes at Real Madrid didn’t help that. In those four years at Real Madrid, he played close to 120 games and scored 13 goals, ending his contract in 2007.

Into The LA Galaxy

In 2007 David had had enough of his Real Madrid days and signed up to take on, not only a new country, but a new continent. The Beckham clan headed to America where David would learn that “football” was something entirely different. But his $32.5 million five-year contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy undoubtedly helped ease the transatlantic move. The British import was given the royal treatment as he was made captain immediately upon his arrival to the new team.  

While a few loan spells at Milan and PSG gave him a chance to broaden his game, he never ascended to the form he displayed at Manchester United. Despite this it was still the most financially rewarding time of his career, in America David was on as much as $50 million with LA Galaxy, and had as much as $35 million in endorsements. In total, David Beckham banked $765 million dollars during his official football career.

But with a new continent comes a new set of tabloids and paparazzi and the Beckhams were no exception. Their relationship had been constantly plagued by infidelity rumors, but they started to heat up. Several women came forward claiming affairs and the dirty texts to prove it, but the Beckhams responded by suing the tabloids that published the unfounded reports and announcing that Victoria was pregnant with their fourth child.  

Even though David’s glory days as a soccer star are mostly behind him, he’s established himself as a star in every other way. With his beautiful pop star-turned-designer wife at his side, David proves that with a childhood dream, a little practice and a golden foot, anyone can Bend It Like Beckham.

Bend It Like Beckham

During this time the movie Bend It Like Beckham came out starring the new, but soon to be global star Keira Knightley. It’s a movie about how a girl bends the rules to become a professional soccer star, using a neat play on words for how David Beckham was known for shooting bending soccer balls on the field. The movie was a massive success resulting in Beckham becoming more famous and paving the way for Keira Knightley’s rise to fame, as well.

What makes him so successful?

There are two aspects to the career of David Beckham, the one on the field and the one off the field. Sadly, those two clashed, which resulted in a worse second half of his career than the first one. But let’s start with his successes as a footballer. He was clearly a big talent and everyone was aware of that from an early age. But, he also worked very hard to accomplish everything he did. Alex Ferguson used to say that before he married, he would always be the last guy off the pitch and would practice incessantly with developmental coaches in his free time.

His success off the field can be attributed to the show biz connections his wife Victoria had, as well as his being a likeable, handsome guy. His looks and footballing success helped him land a lot of endorsement deals. When we combine the two, his footballing success and his media marketability we aren’t surprised to find out that his net worth has grown so explosively, and continues to do so.

Right now David Beckham’s fortune has ballooned out to half a billion, he’s worth a massive $500 million dollars in 2020. Is there anything that can stop this man?


If there is such a thing as the British Dream, a modern tale from rags to riches, David Beckham is probably the closest thing to it. A boy from a hard-working family made his and his family’s biggest dream come true, he became a Man Utd player. But not only that, he was once part of the most successful period Man Utd ever had. He was also an England international and captain. Only father time can defeat hard work and talent, but for those years at Man Utd and Real Madrid, David Beckham has shown that if you give your best you can be on top of the world.

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