How much is David Arquette worth?

Net Worth:$25 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:September 8, 1971
Country:United States of America
1.78 m

He Screamed his way into the public eye and Courteney Cox‘s heart until 2013, but he’s mostly traded his acting career for a production career since then.

Who Is David Arquette

He might not have found wild success in any of his ventures, but you’d be hard-pressed to find something David Arquette hasn’t dabbled in. Most people know him as an actor, but he’s done everything from producing and directing to fashion design (Propr Collection with musician Ben Harper) and even professional wrestling.  

David Arquette has a net worth estimated to be at $25 million dollars, as of 2020.

A Family Of Stars

It’s no big surprise that David James Arquette went into entertainment. He was born to actor parents and his four siblings—Rosanna, Alexis, Richmond and Patricia—all went on to become actors as well. As a kid, his family bounced from Virginia to Chicago and settled in Los Angeles where the entire brood had an opportunity to pursue their careers.  

Slashing Into The Biz (And Courteney’s Heart)

In 1990, David landed a part in the television series The Outsiders, but it was cancelled after 13 episodes. That part led to other television roles, but they all were doomed to similar fates. He did manage some success in films like 1992’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Airheads in 1994, but he didn’t make a big splash until the 1996 movie Scream.  

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As the bumbling Deputy Dewey in Wes Craven’s blockbuster horror, he found his first hit movie and his future wife in Courteney Cox. By the time the cast reunited to shoot the 1997 sequel, they were a serious couple. They wed on June 12, 1999 in San Francisco in front of 250 star-studded guests.  

His relationship with and marriage to Cox, who was a huge star thanks to Friends, gave him a publicity boost, but his film career didn’t really take off. 1999’s Never Been Kissed alongside Drew Barrymore was a moderate success, but Ready to Rumble and 3000 Miles to Graceland didn’t perform.  

Stint In The Rising

Still, Ready to Rumble, which was produced by World Championship Wrestling, sparked an unexpected turn in his career. He came into professional wrestling storylines for comic relief, but eventually got into the ring and became the WCW heavyweight champion on 2000. He held onto the title for two weeks.  

Changing Direction

In 2001, he made a surprisingly good segue into serious films when he starred in the Holocaust drama The Grey Zone. Although the film didn’t gain wide acclaim, it managed to impress critics. Still, it didn’t usher in a golden age for Arquette—his next films, including his 2007 directorial debut, the slasher flick The Tripper, were flops.  

In 2003, he started a production company with Cox, Coquette, which produced the shows Dirt and Cougar Town, with Courteney in the starring roles. The couple was the epitome of a Hollywood partnership—both romantically and professionally—but they shocked fans when they announced their separation in October 2010 after 11 years together. They have one daughter, Coco, who was born in 2004.  

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Whether this trial separation results in divorce or not, Arquette has been adamant that he is still in love with Courtney and hopes to work things out. At the very least, they are still a team in the post-break-up sequel to the franchise that brought them together, Scream 4.

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