How much is Dave Portnoy worth?

Net Worth:$125 Million
Date of Birth:‎March 22, 1977
Country:United States of America
1.88 m

Who Is Dave Portnoy

Dave Portnoy is an internet celebrity and blogger who founded Barstool Sports, a popular sports and culture blog. He is a highly successful, and sometimes controversial entrepreneur. His outspoken views and willingness to go against the grain have often seen him in the headlines, sometimes for the wrong reasons.

As of 2020, Dave Portnoy has a net worth of $125 million dollars.

How Did Dave Portnoy Get So Rich?

Dave Portnoy’s wealth didn’t come overnight, and he worked hard to build his company from scratch. From the humble beginnings of handing out his newspaper to early morning commuters, to selling a 51% share in his company for an estimated $5 million in 2016. And moving to a fully staffed office in Manhattan. It was not a meteoric rise to the the super rich, nonetheless a life changing event and a large amount of money. But after selling another 36% of the company to Penn National Gaming earlier this year, he suddenly found himself $163 million richer!

Why Is He So Famous?

Dave Portnoy started his company 20 years ago. Barstool Sports was originally a printed newspaper delivered to commuters in Boston. He took the business online in 2008 and by 2013 the site had a huge following and was doing well. His popularity grew after the launch of his internet show – The Bro Show, which started out as Dave and his co-presenters driving around the country going to various sports events and visiting beaches and restaurants, and usually getting to mischief. These first offerings morphed into what’s now called the Rundown, where the hosts chat and joke about current affairs and life in general.

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Dave Portnoy is also an outspoken character and he isn’t afraid of going against popular views. This has often caused controversy and increased his profile and popularity. At the time of writing he is in hot water for some allegedly racist tweets, and his refusal to ‘take the knee’ in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement. His podcast is currently one of the top 10 downloaded podcasts in the US.

What Makes Portnoy So Successful?

Barstool Sports grew organically through word of mouth and was not an overnight success. The print version was a success in it’s own right, through it’s high readership combined with good advertising revenue. Once the blog launched the company grew further and Dave’s rise to success really took off. Barstool Sports was at the forefront of the online sports industry and managed to gain a huge following with their satirical take on sports and the world in general. Dave and his co-hosts on screen antics resonated with his audience and the shows popularity grew,.

He puts much of the Barstool Sports success down the characters he had on the show alongside him; Kevin Clancy (KFC), Keith Markovich (KMark) and dan Kantz (Big Cat), who have also become celebrities in their own right. The success of Barstool Sports, and of Dave himself ultimately comes down to a combination of things; Dave Portnoy’s vision, determination and courage to try to do something new and different, combined with good timing. At the time he launched Barstool Sports he was one of only of handful of similar websites and he managed to make it stand out and become the success it is today.

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Dave Portnoy’s rise to internet celebrity is not some overnight success story. It’s a tale of someone who dared to take a chance on trying something new. Following his passion he spotted an opportunity and created a business that grew beyond his wildest dreams. He admits that he never expected the levels of success he’s achieved. His decisions shaped his fortune. From hiring homeless people to hand out print copies, to accepting that to grow his company, he must relocate his entire team to New York, and sell 51% stake in the business. Each decision ultimately led to the huge success of his business. His personality and often controversial behaviour have added to his profile and gained him more fans, helping to propel him to internet fame and fortune. In one of his latest videos he is seen buying $250K of cryptocurrencies, of which he admits he knows nothing about. Adding more followers and fans for sure, and further enhancing his celebrity status and success.

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