Dave “Heavy D” Sparks Net Worth

Dave Sparks is more famous under his nickname Heavy D. He’s one of the two main characters on anew reality television show Diesel Brothers. It depicts intriging enterprise of custom vehicle building. That can be also a very profitable line of business. As of 2021, Heavy D’s net worth is approximately $600,000.

How Did Dave “Heavy D” Sparks Get So Rich?

Dave studied auto mechanics, welding, and fabrication at high school. After finishing his studies, he worked as a manager in ATV and motorcycle rental business. All of this gave him vast experiences when it comes to anything with wheels. Heavy D also gave a shot to Weber State University but he dropped out later, when he realized, that he can learn much faster on his own when he focuses solely on the stuff that he needs.

This should be no means discourage anyone from pursuing higher education. What works for one, doesn’t necessary do good in career for someone else and university degree is a basic requirement for many job positions. But Heavy D focused on his own business. In 2008, he hired first employee, his best friend Kiley aka “Diesel Dave”

In 2016, his neat business got unique opportunity when Discovery channel created a reality show Diesel Brothers about their little enterprise. This launched Dave among TV celebrities and also helped him further increase his net worth. Building custom vehicles is a very attractive topic. Heavy D married his girlfriend in 2009 and has two kids.

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