Dave Abrams Net Worth

Hollywood star Dave Abrams might play in only few shows and movies but he caught media attention with something else. His relationship with famous Jennie Garth. When they got married in 2015, it made headlines. So who is he and how rich is he? As of 2021, Abrams’ total net worth is estimated to be about $1.2 million. Way below his wife’s wealth.

How Did Dave Abrams Get So Rich?

David was born June 14, 1981 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In 2006, he got his first role. He played stoner kid in one of the episodes of That ’70s Show. His later credits include A Mann’s World, The Hike, and 2 Broke Girls. Let’s move now to his private life.

Abrams and Garth met in 2014 when they were set up for a blind date. Interesting, huh? Although Jennie has two marriages behind her that ended by divorce, their relationship progressed fast. And since all looked perfect between them, they decided to get married. The wedding took place in July 2015. Nice proof that even a blind date can lead to a lasting relationship.

Paparazzi love this couple and followed them even on their Mexican vacation. They were celebrating Jennie’s 43rd birthday there. The couple looked madly in love, kissing on a beach and sunbathing. David Abrams is a lucky guy and we wish him luck.

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