How much is Danielle Staub worth?

Net Worth:-$1 Million
Profession:Reality TV Star
Date of Birth:July 29, 1962
Country:United States of America
1.75 m

Every reality show needs an entertaining, and delusional, villainess to keep things interesting from week to week. Danielle Staub raised the bar on bad girl behavior with her weekly antics on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey and viewers turned out in droves.

Who Is Danielle Staub

Staub was born Beverly Ann Merrill on July 29, 1962 and was adopted by Ruth Merrill. She has never met her real mother, a teenage Sicilian girl, though she enlisted the help of a private investigator during the second season of TRHONJ to locate her.

Her life before Housewives was shaky, at best. She was arrested in June of 1986 according to a book about her ex-husband’s life Cop Without a Badge. Staub was living in Miami with her first husband, FBI informant Kevin Maher, when she was arrested for extortion and drug possession. She allegedly accepted a plea deal and walked away with five years’ probation. She later married her second husband, Tom Staub, and had two daughters, yet divorced in 2007. She since married Marty Caffrey in 2018 divorcing a year later in 2019.

We calculate Danielle Staub has a net worth in the negative, she’s sitting at about -$1 million dollars as of 2020. In 2012 Danielle filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection, with over a millions dollars in debt.

New Jersey’s Resident B**CH

Staub made her debut on The Real Housewives of New Jersey during the first season as a stranger to the rest of the well-acquainted cast. This created a divide between them, one that only deepened with the cast’s discovery of her past. The second season of Housewives proved to be more outrageous than the first, with the release of a sex tape starring Staub. She initially insisted that the tape was stolen, but her much-younger boyfriend revealed that she insisted on taping their escapades.

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The tension between the Staub and the rest of the cast came to blows when Staub pressed charges against Ashley Holmes, daughter of cast mate Jacqueline Laurita during an altercation.

Ultimately, Bravo decided to terminate Staub’s participation in future seasons of TRHWONJ. But don’t feel too bad for her—she has her fledging music career and books to help keep her in the limelight, for at least a little while longer.

Defining Quote “I have a good grasp on reality.”

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