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How much is Daniel Day-Lewis worth?

Net Worth:$45 Million
Profession:Professional Boxer
Date of Birth:August 12, 1988
Country:United Kingdom
2.06 m

About Daniel Day-Lewis

Sir Daniel Day-Lewis is a prestigious actor. He is one of the most celebrated actors of our time, as he is one of only three men to win three Oscars, with the most recent win being for his performance as the titular character in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. A lot of Day-Lewis’ success is owed to his way of method acting, as he devotes so much of his time and effort in to researching his roles and being in character off-screen, which is why he takes years off between roles. Some of Day-Lewis’ most popular movies include The Gangs of New York, The Last of the Mohicans, and The Age of Innocence.

English actor Daniel Day-Lewis has a net worth of $65 million dollars, as of 2021. While retired today, Day-Lewis was paid between $6-8 million per film and is considered one of the greatest actors of all time.

How did Daniel Day-Lewis earn his net worth?

Very few of Day-Lewis’ pay-checks have been disclosed, but it has been reported that he regularly earned around $8 million per movie in the 90s, which is what he earned for The Crucible. Though Day-Lewis is filthy rich, he could be a lot richer if he was more active in the industry, as he has only starred in six movies since 1998, often taking gaps of up to five years between each role.

The actor’s salary may even be more than what is reported, as he is one of the most in-demand actors of all time, and it shows, given that Martin Scorsese traveled across the world to beg. On top of that, all of his movies make millions at the box office. Gangs of New York earned almost $200 million, and Lincoln made $275 million worldwide, making it his highest grossing movie in his filmography.

Why is he so famous?

Day-Lewis first started his acting career on stage in London theaters and going on to be accepted at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and he constantly switched between theater and film throughout the 1980s. However, he famously stopped performing on stage after a performance of Hamlet in 1989, as he stormed off stage upon having a breakdown in the middle of the scene when the ghost of Hamlet’s father appears. After this, Day-Lewis focused on his movie career, and after the incredibly successful My Left Foot, in which Day-Lewis plays an Irish man with cerebral palsy, the actor won his first Academy Award for Best Actor.

With an Oscar under his belt so early in his career, Day-Lewis was afforded the opportunity to turn down roles, as he was getting so many offers thrown at him from every direction. He went on to star in the Michael Mann epic, The Last of the Mohicans. The movie is set during the French and Indian war in the 1750s and though it was criticized for its authenticity, it was praised for its cinematography and, of course, Day-Lewis’ performance. The following year, the actor starred in The Age of Innocence, Day-Lewis’ first collaboration with celebrated director Martin Scorsese, which was released to universal critical acclaim. The historical romantic drama saw Day-Lewis act alongside Michelle Pfeiffer and though it wasn’t a box office smash, it’s highly regarded as one of Scorsese’s greatest works that isn’t a gangster movie.

As The Age Of Innocence wasn’t the last time Scorsese and Day-Lewis worked together, they’d join forces once again nine years later for Gangs of New York, though it famously took Day-Lewis some convincing to take the role. After 1997’s The Boxer, Day-Lewis famously retired from acting to become a cobbler in Italy. The actor politely refused the role to Scorsese over the phone, so Scorsese flew to Italy to track Day-Lewis down and convince him to take the role in person. After finally accepting, the movie become one of the actor’s most successful to date, and his role of Billy the Butcher is arguably his most iconic.

Day-Lewis also has a great working relationship with the director Paul Thomas Anderson, as he has starred in two of the director’s movies. The first, There Will Be Blood, earned the actor his second Academy Award for Best Actor for playing the villainous, selfish and money hungry oil driller, Daniel Plainview. The second collaboration with Anderson was The Phantom Thread, which Day-Lewis has said is his final film, and up to this point, he hasn’t gone back on his word.

What makes him so successful?

Day-Lewis’ success is mostly owed to the way he approaches each performance, as he spends months, even up to a year, preparing for the role and researching the history and background of the era the movie is set, as most of his movies are period dramas. For his role in The Phantom Thread, in which he plays the dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock, Day-Lewis watched archival footage of fashion shows from the 40s and 50s, and studied the famous designers from the era. But that’s not it, as he spent close to two years being the apprentice of Marc Happel, the head of the costume department at the New York City Ballet.

He went even further with the role of Bill the Butcher, as he went so far as to cover his own eyeball in prosthetic glass to make it look like a fake eye, and he learned to tap his fake eye with a knife without blinking. At one point, Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio persuaded him to go to lunch with them, but Day-Lewis stayed in character as the butcher the whole time. As well as becoming the character he’s playing, Day-Lewis is massively selective when it comes to which roles he accepts. He is also very private and highly protective of his privacy, barely ever giving interviews or taking part in press junkets to promote the movie, which helps audiences to believe they aren’t watching an actor when he’s on screen.


Thanks to his wild approach to acting that so few other actors manage, Daniel Day-Lewis has become a legend in the industry, and though he has so few movies, each and every one of them is memorable and iconic. With being one of the most in-demand actors of our generation, Day-Lewis has been able to accrue a net worth of more than $65 million. Though we may never see another performance from Day-Lewis again due to his retirement, he has come out of retirement before, and he may get an itch to become the first ever actor to have four Academy awards on his mantel.

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