How much is Daniel Craig worth?

Net Worth:$170 Million
Profession:Professional Actor
Date of Birth:March 2, 1968
Country:United Kingdom
1.78 m

He was the bluer than blue-eyed “Bond, James Bond” in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace before getting his adventure on in The Golden Compass.

Who Is Daniel Craig

Though American audiences may only know him as James Bond, Daniel Craig has been earning his stripes onstage and onscreen for decades. With his debonair charm and fierce physicality, he is and was a perfect 007. But Craig simply cannot be typecast, and though he looks great slinging one-liners sipping a shaken martini, his choices and performances have proven him to be something more than just an action star.

We calculate Daniel Craig has a net worth as high as $170 million dollars, as of 2020.

Early Dreams

Daniel Craig was born in Chester, Cheshire, England, but from the age of four was raised by his mother in Liverpool. His mother would frequent the theater, leaving young Daniel in the green room, planting dreams of being an actor, he would say later, by the time he was six.

Craig spent his adolescence in Holylake, where he struggled academically but soared on the stage. He left school for good at 16, won a part in the National Youth Theatre, and immediately moved to London. There he lived the struggling actor life. He worked in restaurants and slept on friends’ floors until he was accepted at Guildhall School of Music and Drama to hone his abilities.

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Daniel started a prolific stage career before he graduated, and from then on would never lack work, challenging himself to broaden his range. Through his small roles gained notice, his stage break would come in 1993 with Angels in America,and he would meet a far broader fame three years later with his television break, the celebrated British mini-series Our Friends in the North.

Our Friend From The East

Through it wouldn’t jump across the Atlantic, Our Friends in the North turned Craig into a British household name. His character was a wrong-side-of-the-tracks tough guy, and Craig was so good at it that offers for more roles started flooding in. Not wanting to get typecast, he opted for different, more interesting parts, including a 16th century monk, a World War I soldier and a Kenyan rancher, among others.

Daniel ultimately landed his big American debut as an archeologist alongside Angelina Jolie in 2001’s Tomb Raider. Though it was his first big-budget American film and put him on Hollywood’s map, he described the experience as “f*cking boring” and cemented his distaste for the Hollywood machine.

He had a brief experience with tabloid journalists after a reported fling with supermodel Kate Moss, and wanted nothing of it. Turning back to work, he appeared in Sam Mendes’s Road to Perdition in 2002, proving, this time to American audiences, that just because he’s handsome, it doesn’t mean he can’t act.

Good Evening, Mr. Bond

Craig had impressed the right people, and from then on could choose his work. He led a talented cast in Layer Cake, earned a strong role in Steven Spielberg‘s Munich and, while shopping for soap at Whole Foods, received a call from producer Barbara Broccoli, telling him he was selected to be the sixth James Bond. Casino Royale was hailed by critics and fans alike, earning more money than any of its 20 predecessors and bringing a new emotional depth to the character.

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Craig continued to choose a fascinating mix of roles: big-budget action/sci-fi with Cowboys and Aliens, an animated family movie in The Adventures of Tintin, a thriller based on the bestselling Swedish novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and more Bond.

Bond Girls

Throughout his career, the star managed to keep his personal life mostly out of the tabloids. He married actress Fiona Loudon in 1992 and the couple had a daughter, Ella, but the marriage didn’t last and they divorced in 1994. He started dating film producer Satsuki Mitchell in 2005 and the couple became engaged, but they never made it down the aisle, splitting in late 2010, reportedly because he fell for actress Rachel Weisz on the set of Dream House.

Despite the scent of a relationship scandal, Daniel’s career is still the primary focus of every fan. Even with initial skepticism about him being cast as James Bond, he proved that he had the edge and the charm to pull the role off, and he definitely has the edge and the charm to continue to make waves in this business.

Defining Quote “I wanted to do as much of the action work as possible so that the audience can see that it’s me and that it’s real. That meant acquiring injuries and carrying on, blasting through to the next level of action and pain.”

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